2008 Convention Preview

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  • OnTheWayOut

    So what types of releases do you think they'll have based on these talk titles?

    My guesses are on Friday they will release a book possibly replacing the YPA book, a book geared towards youth. May not be another collection of YPA articles since those are readily available on the WT CD and on their web-site.

    If so my guess for Saturday is maybe a brochure to replace that to try and keep people in, or possibly a book on the holy spirit and how it can help to keep in Jehovah's love.

    I liked to guess what the releases were when I liked reading them. I was right many times.

    The end of Friday has this talk: Young People – Safeguard Your Relationship With Jehovah
    That could be a book or brochure title.

    The end of Saturday has this talk: Keep Yourselves In God’s Love
    That could be a book, brochure, or even just a tract title.

  • blondie
  • potleg

    Let's see, this years delightful, refreshing spiritual feast resembles Rotting meat, stale bread, maggot infested biscuits and cold lumpy gruel all washed down with something yellow and stinky. In other words, the same old regurgitated bilge.

    As you can tell I've had to endure many of these mind numbing drivel fests in the past. It's a terrible way to treat a child, I know, I was there.

  • Not Feeling It
    Not Feeling It
    Symposium: Young People Walk By Holy Spirit
    At School
    At Work
    In the Family
    In the Congregation
    During Social Activities
    When Alone

    I'm detecting an anti-masturbation lecture there at the end.

    // using the thumbs-up hand icon on this post for extra-crispy subtlety.

  • MissingLink
    Drama: Do Not Leave the Love You Had At First
    (Depicts attitudes and situations that likely existed at the end of the 1st century as the great apostasy was setting in.)

    Likely. So they're "adding" to the bible again?

  • WTWizard

    The Spirit Will Guide You Into All The Truth The Second Dark Ages.

  • SnakesInTheTower


    I would bet more on a replacement for the old "Holy Spirit" book... when was that published?...around 1976 or so?...tan book if I recall (if i were not so lazy, Id get up and go look))..OK...I went and looked...it was tan...it was 1976...and the full title was "Holy Spirit -- The Force Behind the Coming New Order!" (note the "old light" terminology "new order"?. Notice this juicy blurb on the inside front page before the title of contents:

    "DEDICATED to the Almighty Being whose active force makes certain the bringing shortly of a righteous New Order for the everlasting good and happiness of all lovers of a clean, safe and peaceful earth."

    I am sure if they do re-release this crap, it will have a major overhaul....

    I am certain I will have something else to do that weekend...

    Snakes ()

  • El Kabong
    El Kabong
    Symposium: Young People Walk By Holy Spirit
    At School
    At Work
    In the Family
    In the Congregation
    During Social Activities
    When Alone

    Egads...another Masturbation talk???

  • hillbilly

    Sound like the DC in

    .............'81,'82, '83, '84,'85.........................'91,'92.......


  • Flash

    I forget who it was, but someone here once pointed out very astutely, how the GB has turned Christianity with all its freedom into a confining, rule driven Old Testament Religion.

    The endless contrivance and emphasis of so-called "Bible Principles" to limit and control the congregation is outrageous!

    I get furious every time I think of it!

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