JW membership turnover - a real-life study

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  • besty

    Hi TheBorg - things are fine in LA thanks - just not enough sunshine LOL

    My main point with this turnover thing is that essentially it is unimportant to the WTS. So long as they can baptise 2-3% more than leave they will record another growth year.

    The actual composition of the flock is not relevant. Thats why its likely that 2/3rds of current JW's have been baptised in the last 10 years.

  • crazyblondeb

    My family lineage:

    stepdad, 64 yrs.: DF x 1, will die a jw.

    mom, 64 yrs: DF x 1, will die a jw.

    Me (sis 1)43 yrs: DF'd x 2, left many years ago.........One child-NOT a JW

    Sis 2 40 yrs:..Left many years ago....2 children.NOT JW

    Sis 3- 33 yrs:..Left many years ago...2 children....NOT JW

    Sis 4- 32 yrs...Left many years ago....2 children...NOT JW

    Bro 30yrs.....Left many years ago.....still waiting for kids....

    RESULT: NO MORE JW'S IN OUR FAMILY...........CYCLE IS BROKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • flipper

    Besty & Sweet Pea - How are you folks ? Good thread ! According to the recent news reports on people being raised up in the JW religion - 66% of those raised in it leave. So of my 3 adult children son23, daughter 21, and another daughter 20 I figure if I get 2 of them out of the cult I can stay with the average. My oldest son is out already, and he and I are gradually working on my oldest daughter, so we shall see what happens in time ! So good you will not be raising your kids under mind control- count your lucky stars ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Dogpatch

    we hijacked them to Manhattan Beach!

    now they have to support Bush! :-))


  • brunnhilde

    It's an interesting that my cousin just commented this week that I was the last one of our generation to leave. Now my parents are in and hers, and that is it. None of our kids are in so when our folks are gone, that's it.


  • besty

    Best thing sice I came to Manhattan Beach was getting a cell phone with 666 in my number :-) LOL

  • besty

    Just to summarise:

    Out of 8 children in 'my' extended family generation born as JW's, 5 have seen the light and left. I make that near as dammit to the 2/3 figure quoted in the recent survey.

    The 3 that are JW are either unmarried or childless.

    In the words of crazyblondeb: RESULT: NO MORE JW'S IN OUR FAMILY...........CYCLE IS BROKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • potleg

    I was raised in the "truth", I have 3 daughters and 2 sons, when I left they did too.

    I can honestly say that we're all glad to be free.

  • lisavegas420

    My grandmother on my moms side had three children. Only one child remains a JW, my mom.

    My mom had 4 children, only one remains a JW, my sister.

    My one sister that remains a JW, had 4 children. One is no longer a JW...and by the MYSPACE's of her other three children, I'm guessing they will be gone within the next 10 yrs.

    The nonsense will stop at this generation.

    My kids know better than to join a cult.


  • Gayle

    My folks became JWs in the 50s, had 5 children, grew up, 4 of 5 pioneered & went also to Bethel. In time we married (4 of 5 married JWs and 1 married a non believer), altogether we have had 15 children. We all left JWdom. All 15 kids are all baggage-free of JWdom with some having only some memories of JW life when very young. We have still some extended family members JWs, 1 line into their 5th generation now.

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