JW membership turnover - a real-life study

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  • jookbeard

    Good news from our family as well , with 2 kids and my 2nd wife Thai the JW blood line stops here, my father passed in 05, and with my mum experiencing poor health the line stops from that side, all that is left is my sister and 3 kids, only time will tell with them

  • besty

    keep the 'faith' jookbeard - according to Pew Research 2 out of the 3 kids will leave - its only a question of when.


    Lots of Dubs in my family..All the grown children are out of the JW Cult,except one..Their children are not in the JW Cult either......Next generation of JW`s in OUTLAW`s family..Laughing Mutley...OUTLAW

  • Old Coach
    Old Coach

    Father joins while in high school in the 1950's much to the chagrin of his parents. Persuades girlfriend and future wife to join the cult. Her mother strongly opposed but after they married at a young age not much to say about it. They have 3 children. Youngest has left the org plus none of his kids are in, Middle - still in, as are the 4 kids. Husband is suspect, will probably leave at some point. Oldest, after quitting org, marries bible believing christian, has 3 kids, none in the Borg. 2 begets 5, begets 7. Hopefully all will learn the truth one day soon. The cult is bound to be exposed completely one day.

  • besty

    this one is always worth a bump for n00bs - anyone care to share their family timeline in the WTS?

  • AllTimeJeff

    Evidentally, my maternal great great grandparents studied with Russel in Allegheny PA. Great grandparents, some of the "annointed" and saw 1914 (and who coincidentally, are all passed away), to my grandpa, and my parents.

    5 generations. Lovely legacy. I am happy to say that this BS will stop with me.

  • besty

    anybody care to share their family churn?

  • Heaven

    My family is a mix of Protestant, Catholic, JW, Agnostic, and Atheist.

    My Mom's Dad converted from being a Catholic to JW before I was born (I suspect it was in the 1950s sometime). I do not believe my Mom's Mom converted. Of my Mom's family, only 2 of her brother's became baptized. Her 2 sisters did not.

    Of my immediate family, none of us childern (there are 3) and none of the 3 grandchildren (my brother's kids) joined. My Mom has been gone now for over 8 years. My Dad is the only JW left in my immediate family.

    No one on my Dad's side of the family are JWs.

    All of my Mom's family are gone except for one Aunt, who is JW and was married to my Mom's brother. Of my Aunt's 3 children , 1 died refusing a blood transfusion and the other 2 children and their spouses are JWs. There are 5 children (my dead cousin had 3 kids) and out of these 5, 3 are JWs. One of my uncles (now deceased) had a step-son and he and his wife are JWs. I do not believe he has children. One of my other Aunt's had a son but he is not a JW, nor are his children (3).

  • John Doe
    John Doe
    Besty's ruminations over a JD and coke.

    Hey now, I'm a pepsi man!

  • Oceanblue

    Well, let me take a stab at this...

    On My mother's side:

    My Maternal Great Grandmother was the first to come into the Troof. She had 10 children. Of her 10 children, 6 are active, 1 due to mental illness is inactive. 3 (women) are not married and are childless.

    Great Aunt#1 married and had 6 children. Her husband died and the family went downhill. 3 are active while the other 3 are inactive. The three that are left are probably on their way out.

    Great Aunt #2 and her husband had one child who is married and he is active with his wife.

    Great Aunt #3 is divorced and had two daughters. One daughter is married and has 3 children. She was never baptized. The other daughter and her husband are baptized and they have four children. Right now, they allare active.

    Great Uncle had 5 children. Only 2 are active with their wives. One has 2 children and the other has 3. All 5 are under the age of 6

    My Granmother had two children. One died when he was a preteen. My mother married my dad. It's only me and my sister. Neither one of us will continue to be JW's.

    I don't know all of my cousins because of them not being JWs so I don't have the numbers to compare.

    On My dad's side

    My Aunt introduced the Troof to the fam. My grandparents didn't join. They had 8 children and only 5 joined. One does not have any children due to severe depression and other health problems.

    The Intro Aunt had two children. One is active and the other just attends meetings. The active one is married with 3 children under the age of 13 The other child is married with a 2 year old.

    One Uncle is baptized. His wife and children are not

    Aunt #2 had one child who is married and he and his wife are active.

    And then I already mentioned my dad.

    So yeah there are def. some deadends in my family tree.

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