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  • One true Jesus Freak
    One true Jesus Freak

    I have a thoughtful question. When a JW dies and there is a funeral or memorial for them, just how much of that person is 'remembered" or talked about? Do they just have a funeral service for them, or do they turn the memorial into a WT study?

    I am seriously curious about this because my friend is going to a memorial for a JW and I'd like to compare a couple of things. I'd like to see if they infact do just stick to the person, the memories and such or do they just say a few "kind words" and move on to the Study?

  • crazyblondeb

    The ones I went to, they mentioned who the person was, and that was it. Moved very quickly on to "blah blah blah"!

  • Layla33

    It seems to be that being cremated is "the" thing for JWs. I haven't heard all the reasons behind it, but don't expect a viewing.

    They only briefly mention the person, talk more about WTS and JW religion and how the death is better than birth...

  • MidwichCuckoo

    As I recall, the only time the deceased is mentioned (briefly) is in relation to the WT (they knew it was the Truth, faithful etc etc)...nothing about their life outside of the Org.

  • One true Jesus Freak
    One true Jesus Freak

    So they get cremated, so no living person can visit their "final resting spot" No later generation or family or friends will ever know or be able to see the grave. Maybe it is cheaper, but that still is sad. Unless that is what the person wanted themselves.

    And as for a brief intro and that is all? That is sick and sad. I've gone to many funerals (normal ones) and all they talk is about the person, their life and what they were all about. Church didn't even come up.

    It's just sad that JW's are not recognized once they are gone. I've gone to one JW funeral and honestly I do not remember what happend. I really do not remember how much of the person was said. As I am older now and able to understand what is going I am curious as to what goes on behind those doors.

  • MidwichCuckoo
  • MissingLink

    It's a sales pitch for people who may have never been to a KH before.

  • One true Jesus Freak
    One true Jesus Freak

    Thank you for the link midwich.

    I hope I can find a scan of that so that when my friend does return back from the funeral I can compare with him what went down. In my opinion, based on what I have seen and researched, I don't think that people actually see that their loved one is not really talked about much at all because they are sadden by the loss and not really paying attention anyway.

    I know when I die I would like to be remembered more than my name and birthdate and death and the few things I did. I want people to be able to speak and tell what they remember about me, what made them laugh, what made them cry. I want them to talk about that trip we went on and all the stupid things I did. I dont' want them to hear why death is more important than life or that there is the resurrection hope. We all know why good people die, we don't need to hear that. I know when the times come Jesus will come for me and that there is consciousness after death, not unconscious as they teach.

    I want, I want, my death will be all about me. I WANT TO BE REMEMBERED!

    That is all for now.

  • Layla33

    An issue I am thinking about more and more is what will happen when I die for a funeral when EVERYONE in my immediate family is a JW. I feel like I need to go to every friend, get an official notarized copy of exactly how I would like to be remembered, I do not want to be cremated and I would like people to discuss me and how I lived and what impact I had on their lives. I want it to be a celebration but not in the way that JWs do it.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    When I went to a sister's funeral they spoke about her baptism and her service. after about three minutes of her they lept into the schpeel.....

    When my Dad passed away, they told about his baptism date and how long he served the borg. About three minutes then they lept into the schpeel.....

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