Jw's and funerals

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  • potleg

    Whatever the occaision the WT can turn it into a scripted infomercial.

  • Hope4Others

    Why don't you go along with him and see for yourself, then you can really compare notes first hand.


  • Loves Jehovah
    Loves Jehovah

    Hey guys...............I was at my first yesterday. I truely thought it was awesome. This individual was talked about quite a bit from where he was born, who his first wife was (before she passed away), who their children were, who his new wife was. When the were married, the fact that they had lost a child at 22hrs old, what he did for a living, who survived him.............then the Brother giving the talk spoke about this person and what he personally knew of him. What HE (the deceased) believed..........and so on. It was BEAUTIFUL!! Not like the norm funeral where you see the person lying there........Dead. I'm not sure what you guys are talking about but what I experienced just yesterday is exactly the way I will want my funeral to be presented.

  • bite me
    bite me

    Well, as for me, I've been to one and that was plenty. I did not like the fact that only a brief (what seemed like a few minutes) was talked about the person. It seemed really rushed and organized as to time, just to rush into the publications teachings. Sure they say a lot of the person, but a persons funeral should be devoted just for them. And the "normal" funeral as you stated, where you just see the person laying there; I've been to many of those and I find those more dedicated to the person. It is that persons time to be remembered. The JW's funerals do not seem sincere enough to actually be for the person, but rather a reason to use their doctrines again.

    Maybe the funeral you went to was the exception, but I think the majority here say it how it truly is.

  • DoomVoyager

    I've only been to one. It was disgusting how the speaker capitalized on the person's death to preach to his captive audience - the non-dub family members. After a couple of sentences the deceased wasn't even mentioned - it was a full scale recruitment drive. What a sickening, parasitic cult.

  • Gordy

    I have attended funerals of JW brothers who had spent 40 to 60 years of their lives being a JW. All where Elders at their deaths.

    Yet at their funerals hardly a word was said about the service they gave to the Watchtower. Nothing was said about their lives or their families.

    They might as well have said "Brother X is dead and this is what he believed."

    Then it becomes one long public talk about JW beliefs on death and resurrection. Jesus might get a brief mention.

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