Pentecostals? Should I be afraid of them?

by ThomasCovenant 18 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • *summer*

    I would be afraid of any organised religion...period.

  • crazyblondeb
    "Gugga mugga oompa lumpa"

    Sounds like she might know Oompa!!! SCAREY!!!!!!

  • DanTheMan

    Borat was accurate. Pentecostals are scary. It's just another variation on the same old fundy theme - we've got it right and everybody else is doomed.

  • Rapunzel

    When Pentecostals "speak in tongues," they are doing essentially the same thing as vocal jazz singers do when they perform "scat" singing. Scat singing is vocal improvisation with nonsense words and syllables. But, whereas scat singing is a melodic and rhythmic art form, "speaking in tongues" is cacaphonic gibberish. With Pentecostals, it's a question of learned behavior and mimicry; they learn to "speak in tongues" by watching the people around them. They start off by uttering simple strings of nonsense syllables, and then "progress" to longer strings. They literally train themselves to speak continually longer strings of nonsense syllables and gibberish. There's nothing "mystical" about it. The only difference between "speaking in tongues" and scat singing is that scat is pleasant to listen to because of its rhythm.

  • Perry

    There are way different kinds of Pentecostals. My cousin was one and he was one of the most kindest level headed men I ever knew. My wife and I visited some congregations a while back on our own and decided it wasn't for us. I went to one for Easter in Austin and probably could have fit in there. The Lord isn't saving churches....he saves individuals. The gifts of the Holy Spirit do exist today. I have personally experienced the Holy Spirit. It's just when you try and form a religion or a congregation around the H. S. that there is a problem in my opinion. Jesus is the center, not the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit bears witness to Jesus not the other way around.

  • orbison11


    i do not understand,,why would god give you the experience of holy spirit, yet ignore those in down trodden countries, ie africa,,,ethopia, etc

    why would he choose to give you the 'experience' yet not help a child, say dying of cancer, or feed the hungry children? just my issue with god at the moment


  • Perry

    Why don't you ask Him? .........Seriously

  • MochaLatte


    I think the Pentecostals use the expression "slain in the spirit" for what happens when the Holy Spirit comes down on them and makes them fall out. Usually there's an attendant around to catch you. Occasionally, there's no one and you just land on the floor. One woman tried to sue a pastor because she was "slain in the spirit" and fell and hit her head.

    I've been attending a Pentecostal church recently and I find the people there to be sincere and very community-minded. My husband helps sometimes when they provide food and clothing for the needy in the area. I'm not looking to join and I don't agree with many of their beliefs, but we have heard some good sermons that we benefited from, and we enjoy the choirs. I do agree that ultimately they believe they're right and those who don't believe as they do are going to hell. I don't agree with that but it's not something they talk about all the time.

  • dogisgod

    I avoid anything that puts my brain on the back burner and makes me look more foolish than usual. Gin and Tonic is about as far as I go. I think they are scary and freaky. Self induced trances and thrashing about while speaking ancient sanskrit or whatever doesn't seem to honor God or accomplish anything.

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