Bethel for sale? info please

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  • shell69

    Whats goin on?


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    well my guess is that 9/11 scared the c**p out of them and they decided to slowly move to the Patterson Complex and as fast out of Brooklyn as they can.

    So far they have sent 1000 Bethelites home and have sold at least a couple of properties off. The printing presses were moved out a few years ago and I suspect that before long there will be no WTS in Brooklyn

  • WTWizard

    In the spirit of controling reality (which the Watchtower Society uses liberally), I will buy it for a penny. The whole Watchtower Society also goes with it (for one penny). Let them take a bath.

    Even that might be too much. With all the liabilities they are sure to face, they could well be in for billions of dollars of bills ahead. No wonder they are racing to start the Second Worldwide Dark Ages so quickly--if they succeed, they will control everything and no longer have to worry about liability or paying out anything. They will control all knowledge, reality, and all money.

  • yknot

    The liquidation of NY NY properties are quite the buzz, all are suppose to be giddy with expectation to move out to Patterson.

    Reminds me.....the announcement was once again made that they are accepting applications for volunteers on the most current building projects..(gag) The project is expected to take 5 or so years but of course can be done faster if more Brothers volunteer their skills...(more gagging) The Conductor Elder mentioned that younger couples whose children were spending a month with the grandparents could volunteer together and enjoy some quality time away while helping Jehovah's organization....concluding with "how upbuilding (ha ha lame joke) this will be for those participating". (running to bathroom to spew!!)

  • cypher50

    It is quite simple if they are actually selling property in Brooklyn: NYC real estate is at a high right now even with the housing crisis and the Brooklyn Heights/DUMBO neighborhoods are in demand so if the WTBS sells some of their highly desirable assets then they would make a killing in this market.

  • LouBelle

    5 years is tooo long surely with armegeddon just around the corner.

  • RubaDub

    Like Cypher mentioned, too much is being read into these "selling Bethel" rumors. It's simply a wise business decision.

    Over the years, the Society purchased many buildings in Brooklyn prior to the boom in real estate that has occurred in the past 20 years or so. These buildings were refurbished and now are in an area that is highly desirable.

    This is no different than many companies and people that have owned real estate in "upcoming" areas. When the bad element is pushed out, property values rise and in the case of Brooklyn, the values have gone through the roof. It makes little sense for companies to continue their operations in an area when they can cash out and take advantage of the real estate market. They simply relocate to a less-expensive area and continure on. Companies and people do it every day. In the case of the Society, this means going to Patterson. Plus, as a non-profit organization, the tax ramifications are significantly reduced.

    It only makes sense for the Society to consider liquidating some of the massive real estate holdings in Brooklyn. I wouldn't read too much else into this.

    Rub a Dub

  • lrkr

    Its all about the cost of doing business in NYC. Brooklyn used to be a prime location on the docks. Now anywhere near a highway is a prime location. Just easier and cheaper to do business in upstate than in NYC.

    Try driving to Brooklyn. Then try driving to Patterson. Which is cheaper? Patterson by a long shot. Cost of everything delivered to NYC is more because of the tolls, congestion, etc.

  • Evidently

    One possible motive that may be really "off the wall"......

    With the multiple pending lawsuits (lets face it they have opened themselves up for a litigation nightmare over the next decade with both the pedophile delimma and the soon to become more prominent blood policy) they are going to be looking for ways to HIDE money. Having all of that Brooklyn real estate is to "showy" of their wealth, they need to tone it down a little.

    Additioanlly. with all of that capital liquid, they can better hide that money offshore or other inconspicuous locations to "make" themselves not look so wealthy.

    Hey, I told you it was "off the wall"!!!!!!

  • lawrence


    I don't think your ideas are off the wall. These are businessmen who have no rules, no tax laws, no accountability - they answer to no man, and they believe they are God blessed. Hiding the money, toning done the holdings, and crying poverty, are all good ways to reduce the law suits payouts.

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