What Does Creation Reveal About God?

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  • hamilcarr

    The latest WT issue has on its front page the question 'What Does Creation Reveal About God'? The articles contain 'evidence' that it's possible to learn more about God's invisible qualities by observing his visible creation, thereby refuting the agnostic argument 'seeing is believing'. By the way, that's what biologists have been doing for the last couple of centuries but it hasn't brought them closer to theism.

    Do you think this is a convincing argument or can it easily be rebutted? What are its strenghts and flaws? All ideas are welcome.

  • Satanus

    Seeing as how, in the creation, the biology on this planet works almost wholy on stuff eating other stuff... Also, the same type of violence is ongoing, and has been going on since the beginning in the universe... Therefore, this reveals that the creator is basically a being without feelings, practically a machine... A machine churning out organic parts of varying degrees of senscience.


  • Satanus

    There is a lot of info available on nature that can be used on that article. Nation geographic did a series on sex among animals that would show how perverted the creator god would be. It was called wild sex. You may be able to rent it from a library. I downloaded it through utorrent. Nature programs about predators would help. The same for the cosmos. Stars devouring each other. Galaxies ripping other galaxies apart. Gamma jets destroying stars and planets. It's all there for the finding.


  • Satanus

    Then, there the dna system as evidence. The bible says that god made man from dirt. However, genetic studies show that we are made up of parts of lower forms.


  • real one
    real one

    so when we die what do our bodies rot to?

  • MissingLink

    Creation shows us that god is a cold hearted, blood-thirsty bastard. There are beautiful things, but most things are all about killing, or not being killed. The earth is a dangerous place.

    (bastard = child without a father)

  • VoidEater

    God can't divide evenly. Why does the rotation of Earth not match it's orbit around the sun, thereby necessitating an extra day in the year every four years? If he's such a perfect God and loves symmetry, wouldn't he have got it evenly divided up to begin with?

    God doesn't keep track of his toys. Why do asteroids sometimes hit planets? Couldn't he foretell all the orbits of all the objects (at least the big ones) in the solar system so that we never had to worry about things like comets striking the Earth?

    God believes in planned obsolescence. Or were the dinosaurs put here just to make gasoline for us today?

    God likes his nature savage. Predator and prey are perfectly designed for eating and to be eaten.

  • stillajwexelder

    Well with all those meat eating creatures he has created, it confirms what the Old Testament teaches , namely that God loves animal flesh - preferably burnt

  • VoidEater
    so when we die what do our bodies rot to?

    Depends at which stage of decomposition you want to look at the body, what may have been done to the body, and how encroaching organisms may have been deterred from the body. In general, one might say the end products are nitrates.

  • serotonin_wraith

    If someone says this to me, I like to ask them to be specific with what they believe has actually been created. Then demolish it.

    'The mountains!'

    Ok, mountains are 'created' when two continents push against each other and force the ground upwards. Natural.


    Ok, evolution shows that all life today, as complex as it is, came about naturally via variety and natural selection over a long period of time.


    Our planet, as well as other planets, form from the gases surrounding stars as they come into existence with gravity bringing all the elements closer together. Gases, compacted enough, form solids.

    And so on.

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