Suffering ,why is God slow to act?

by edmond dantes 26 Replies latest jw friends

  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    In the 1300s the Bubonic Plague killed 25 million people, a third of Europe's population.So why did Jehovah only put Jesus on battle readiness at the start of the 20th century? You would think that God didn't care about his creation , the human race.

  • jaguarbass

    Make you wonder if there even is a Jehober.

  • real one
    real one

    God has a reason for everything. we cannot judge God. he does as he pleases.he has the right to rule as he pleases.

  • nomoreguilt

    Real one......Ya, right..god has the right to rule as he pleases. One false move and BAM!!! Into the burning flames of HADES you go!!!! That's some LOVING god you worship boy. Didn't you read the New York Times years ago??? GOD IS DEAD!!!! That was the headline..... Google it. He's DEAD.


  • bigmouth

    real one -"God has a reason for everything. we cannot judge God. he does as he pleases.he has the right to rule as he pleases."

    Yes, O.K. So would you say that if I decided that I stop feeding and protecting my pets and livestock that I was a loving and careful owner?
    If I was prosecuted for neglect in a court of law, could my defense be that I had something better in mind for other animals a bit further down the track?

    I would be mirroring my loving heavenly father would I not?

  • WTWizard

    The facts suggest (very strongly) that Jehovah entertains Himself by creating Dark Ages. He did not act to prevent or cut short the First Dark Ages (it was man, acting as apostates, that finished that off). And now He is hellbent on using me, via the Value Destroyer Training School and the billion assignments I will get after completing it, to help the Watchtower Society start the Second Dark Ages that will not end.

    I can only imagine the suffering that the Second Dark Ages will bring on man. If the Watchtower Society controls all knowledge and owns everything, they will treat us as their property. And they do not take good care of their property (I probably take better care of my computer, which cannot think without instructions from outside, than the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger would take care of its property. And that will create stagnation and infinite frustration, anguish, despair, and wasted life at the very least. I can, however, by looking at this forum, see the damage they are already doing by keeping their members in the Second Dark Ages even now--and I would not want to even live in a world where they own and control everything.

  • R.Crusoe

    1 is too many if it happens to be you!

    WT big number pewk is so infectious - like as if the greater the number of disasters makes it more likely for god to come around and help you out because all of the smaller ones where people got toasted don't matter! And as if these bigger disasters should give you enough fear to realise you need to worship the god of big disaster relief - in the next life and not this one!

    It is the biggest % scam on planet Earth this idea that god only cares about the big numbers game catastrophic disasters before he turns up to save everyone, although those in the previous smaller disasters were disposables!

  • real one
    real one

    the nerve of you all! to mock God is not smart. do you know who you are dealing with? evidently not or you would not say the things you say. you talk about being loving and kind you dont have a clue of what that means.

    Big mouth you talk about animals, last time i checked humans are more intelligent than animals,so therefore if you have pets i would think you would want to care for them, if you are referring to God's destruction of humans and animals who was responsible for that? you were! and people like you that hear the good news and want to mock it like you are better than God. how many of your children have you sacraficed for the world lately? If humans would listen to God they would avoid being destroyed nomoreguilt. its that simple. but i guess you are better than God so you dont have to listen to him, you created yourselves.

    this attitude you guys have is nothing new. it is talked about in the Bible old and new testament. if you continue to sin and turn your backs on God you will get the same treatment the others have gotten down through the centuries

    God is not dead and soon you will see how alive he is...hope its not too late. repent,repent ,repent....whatever has happened to you in the past dont blame God. ask yourself how are you responsible for the situations you go through. ask yourself do you obey God's word.

  • real one
    real one

    crusoe are you on medication? just wondering

  • R.Crusoe

    Real One,

    I have never taken meds!

    Why do you ask, because I do not follow your god?

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