I've had enough, I am going to QUIT!!!

by nomoreguilt 27 Replies latest jw friends

  • Perry

    You are going to feel so much better. There is something in the cigarete smoke that really stinks up clothes. I still enjoy a cigar now and then, but the odor for some reason is quite different and doesn't linger in the clothes like cigarettets did when I smoked them.

    Maybe it is becasue I'm usually outside for a cigar. Anyway ....Good Luck!

  • crazyblondeb

    Good for you!! Looks like we'll be in this together!!

    After I finish the pack I have, I won't be buying anymore. I promised my granddaughter and daughter I'd quit by her birthday, and it's next week. I see alot of nail biting........


  • WTWizard

    That is one habit I do not have any interest in taking up. I don't care if the witlesses think I will start smoking when I turn apostate.

    Hey, I listen to rap music, at that the dirtiest songs I can get my hands on. I went out and bought a Ouija board for the Crapmorial of 2006. I have plenty of "sun-worship" decorations on hand. I peruse apostate web sites as if my livelihood depended on it. I haven't been here even a whole year, and already I have close to 3500 posts (all of them negative about the Watchtower Society or encouraging apostates). I joined a "secret society" just to give Jehovah a slap in the face. I have porn in my computer that I put there on purpose. And yet I will not start smoking.

    I never started, even when I was a worldly person. It was about the cost/benefit ratio. When you have a positive cost with zero benefit, it makes no sense to waste my money and health on it, when it provides negative enjoyment. Thus, I never started smoking. And now I find out that it is one of the hardest things to quit once you start--the average person who quits smoking will make 4 unsuccessful attempts before finally quitting for good.

  • Quirky1

    Good Luck on quitting! I agree with others here, that it stinks. I used to smoke, started when I was 17 and continued for 10-15 years. I quit several times but after 2-3 years I would start back up again. Then I started smoking cigars then quit all together. But.....since I have been having marital problems I have had a smoke or two just to calm my nerves, usually after I have had a beer or two.


  • hubert
    Also just try keep your hands busy.

    Never mind this, Nv, you don't want anything to fall off, do you?

    Hey you guys, seriously, chew gum for 3 days. It really helps.

    Yeah, keep your hands busy, too, but be careful.

    DONT quit on a weekend. Quit on a Monday, if you are working for at least 3 days in a row. After 3 days, it does get easier.

    And DON'T use "stress" as an "excuse" to start again. My daughter does that everytime she tries to quit.

    Detremination, Determination, Determination.

    Go for it...You guys can do this.


  • VoidEater

    Congratulations, Good Luck, and Happy Birthday!

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Good for you Nomoreguilt !

    And Happy Birthday too ! Mine is tomorrow also ,,

    Someone said keep your hands busy .....maybe you should check out the thread about Cleavage Day tomorrow ...maybe it will give you some ideas

  • Hope4Others

    Happy Congratulations on trying to quit smoking.

    Happy Birthday!

    Wow there are 3 birthdays friday.

    nomoreguilt, troubledmind, and Bfd

  • compound complex
    compound complex


    Good for you ... from now on, you'll feel no more guilt.


  • Aleman

    Here is your lungs before

    Here is your lungs after

    Smoking will change you completely.


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