Door-to-door JW's rang my bell today.

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  • OnTheWayOut

    So I live in a predominantly Spanish neighborhood. I primarily speak English.
    I am not listed on the Terrritory cards that I know of, but I should be because I
    have answered the door and told them I was already a JW in XXXX (Foreign Lang.)
    Congregation. But that was in the past.
    This Spanish male JW with an older woman ring the bell. I see two more JW's
    (one male, one female) actually standing at the sidewalk (like they are going to
    protect these two or call the police if some whacko opens the door- that's
    actually the impression I got). The male is the only one who talked.

    OTWO- Hello

    JW- YADDA YADDA in Spanish.

    OTWO- NO hablo Espanol. Do you speak English?

    JW- Oh, you are English-speaking. We were encouraging people in the area to
    look to the Bible in these difficult times we are living in. Many people are concerned
    about crime and taxes and YADDA YADDA YADDA. (He went on without pausing
    to let me say anything.) I was leaving some literature with folks today, but I don't
    have anything in English for you, so have a good day.

    OTWO- Okay. (Close the door)

    What kind of sorry presentation was that? No "What are your thoughts?" No seeing
    if he should list me as "Interested" or no nothing. "I don't have anything in English."
    I may not have remembered his entire SPEECH, but I did relay every single word I got
    a chance to say. Has field circus really gotten that pathetic? I could see him not leave
    any literature, but he wasn't the slightest bit interested in letting me say anything.
    Do you think Jehovah's angel was asleep when they approached my door, but woke up
    to protect them from my input?

  • searchingforfriends

    FS used to seem to be about the presentation, but in recent years it seems to be all about the placements, hence all of the campaigns....

  • flipper

    OTWO- After he said, " I don't have anything in English for you ", I would have said, " Really, well I have something in English for you !" LOL! And hand him a NBC news release of the child abuse lawsuit settlements ! Of course , that's just me - I give witnesses hell every time they come. I'm pretty cantankerous ! I love anti-witnessing and giving them something to read ! You handled it with great dignity and respect though ! I just love taking their brain out playing with it; and throwing it around their skull a little bit and re-inserting it again as they aren't used to that ! Since he spoke English to you - I wonder if he could read English ? Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • OnTheWayOut
    " Really, well I have something in English for you !" LOL! And hand him a NBC news release of the child abuse lawsuit settlements !

    Come on, Flip.

    Think "Fader." Think "Fader at his own front door." Think "Fader who doesn't want to be accused of
    rejecting the religion at a JC because of a confrontation at his own front door."

  • BFD

    OK so does that mean if Armageddon came tomorrow your English speaking neighbors will be destroyed because Jah didn't provide a WT in English for them? He was like, OK well sorry you're dead now buh, bye.

    Doesn't seem right.

    Preaching the good news, my ass!


  • potleg

    Sounds more like a magazine peddler than a preacher of the good news, of course having a bible discussion would take away too much time from sales, and its tough to follow up a bible chat by asking for a donation. Maybe afraid some would donate a size 13 up his wazoo.

  • garybuss

    The confrontational sales close approach to religious behavior of the Witnesses of the 50's and 60's is a thing of the past. That all ended for good (in '95) when the Society told the Witnesses that they weren't separating the sheep from the goats . . . never had been. After all, that was the "purpose" of the service activity . . that and "vindicating" Jehovah's name, which they also dumped in the trash.

    The Society took away the two reasons for service. The literature wasn't the "reason" for service, it was the means. Now it's the reason and that's so not working.

  • sweet pea
    sweet pea

    Hi OTWO

    Maybe he's secretly cheesed off with the whole thing and doesn't want to actually engage someone with a brain in a conversation as he doesn't believe in what he's promoting himself. Possibly a fader.


  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    If they can't make a placement in front of the watchdogs at the street and prove how spiritual they are, they can reddem themselves by telling them they felt they needed to cut you loose in order to find a more deserving Spanish speaker two doors down.

  • Hope4Others

    Consider yourself lucky that you did not get the chance to tell them your already a jw, then they would ask around about you and come

    back repeatedly one by one or two by two to chit chat, encourage stop by for coffee etc etc etc.


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