What do you think of todays youth?

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  • daniel-p

    I try not to categorize kids like I try not to categorize people in general. Finding your own identity is very challenging, and, I presume, more challenging today when there is so much more media everywhere and your attention is divided among a hundred different "social" outlets like school, cell phones, myspace, facebook, malls, etc.

  • anewme

    That quote from ancient times is pretty eye opening!

    That shows the cry over youthful disrespect is an old one.

    Remember the old prophet in the Bible who faced 40 disrespectful youth?

    I too must work alongside teens and young twenty-somethings who daily surprise
    and dismay me with their ungodly talk and ways.

    (I actually started wearing a crucifix to ward off the evil coming from them!)

    But that is the way it has been for thousands of years Dawg.

    Youth is foolish and stupid and naive.

    At this point, they dont value hard earned wisdom or us.

    But at some point they will if they live long enough.

  • cognac
    Yea, I've noticed almost all of them are on that ADD drug, what ever they call it.

    What's wrong with that, lol??? Those are awesome!!!

    PS. This is a funny topic coming from you Dawg cause your picture looks like your about 30 - so to hear you talking about youths sounds so funny to me...

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Whats with the baggy jeans that hang half-way down.......I wanna give them a huge wedggy.

  • dinah

    When I worked with teens, they lacked guidance. Mom and Dad were divorced. Both were out trying their best to get laid. Mom was bringing home men who didn't really want the kids in the picture and they got kicked to the curb. Dad didn't show up on "his weekend".

    I've noticed with my kids' friends, they take care of each other. They have to because no one else will.

    (Dawg, we've got 6 more months to be friends then we gotta cross out Saturdays.........counting down the days to football season)

  • dawg

    Dania-we are already at odds...no need to wait until this fall.... We play you in tennis and baseball also.

    Cognac-what is the drug called... and as for my age, someone guessed me at 28 last summer when I hadn't gained 20 lbs. I'm running again today damn it.

  • dawg

    By the way, thanks to all of you for your input. I've read it all and find your comments very interesting.

  • BFD

    Dawg, I think you might be talking about Ritalin (sp)?.

    I agree with Snowbird.


  • nomoreguilt

    Hey! Cmon now! The youth of today, ya gotta just love them!! After all, didn't WE raise some of them? We , that is my generation, 50's, raised our kids to have EVERYTHING THAT WE NEVER got! And now, our kids are raising their kids to have even BIGGER and more expensive things than they had. So, add in a little new high technology and lack of love on the parents part and PRESTO!!You have a new generation GAP!

    Just my 2 cents worth from what have seen. In the job market today, kids just want a check. A job, sure, they don't want to work , but HEY!! GIVE ME MY CHECK!!


  • sacolton

    What did you say?

    What do I think of todays YOUTS?

    What's a YOUT?

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