The Occult

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    "Bigmouth" said he had demon attacks before being married where: "my heart was pounding and I would wake up and find some really freaky plasma." Dude all us young boys had that problem before marriage! I would have "freaky plasma" on my bed almost every night.

  • bigmouth

    I have for sale a small supply of the very last rolls of Kodak 'Ektaplasm'.

    It was designed at the Rochester factory for photographing Nocturnal Emissions to prove they exist.

    I have 10 rolls of 135/36 and 2 boxes of 4 X 5" 'O Sheet!' film.

  • momzcrazy

    In the house I lived in growing up, my bedroom "door" was a curtain hanging across the doorway. It used to open for me to come in and close back behind me.

    At night if I slept with the "door" open, I could see multi colored heads popping up around the pooltable in the other room.

    After my grandpa's wife died my mom cleaned his house once a week. I was helping one day and I could hear muffled screaming coming from the unused spare bedroom. This room housed his late wife's childhood furniture. I opened the door and the clown that usually laid in the middle of the pillows was in the middle of the bed. It was face-up with a decorative pillow over it's face. The bedspread was all messed up around it.


  • *Incubus

    Wow,there have been some really freaky experiences!

    My mom would scour our home for "demonised" things whenever things werent going well,including financial trouble.The room that was her fave-mine.I was often told my lack of faith and "attitude" were the result of demonic influence.She got real pissed when I suggested that she may suffer from a form of schizophrenia.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy
    They tell of people that get involved with fornication, drug use, the Ouija board or the occult, or with heavy metal music and having the demons attack them.

    HA HA HA

    Why would the demons be mad if you go along with what they supposedly want you to do. Sounds more like the Holy Spirit is punishing you for screwing, getting high, messing with the occult, and listening to some kick-ass tunes......

  • lancelink

    tupperware ?? i never heard of this story, could someone enlighten me about it ?

  • Elgiard

    I was in for years and never once heard about demonic tupperware. Can anyone expound on this?

  • Layla33

    I actually believe that the JW is very involved in the occult (which in definition means "hidden"), but overt claims the opposite. I believe the JW to be a covert Luciferian arm. Just my opinion.

    I do believe in the supernatural realm, but with a very logical explanation.

  • Watkins

    Here ya go guys, a topic I started last year - 'Demons in My Tupperware?' -

    Pepole choose to believe some weird things...


  • hamsterbait

    We were regularly visited by demons every week. They worked out how to use the doorbell.

    Once they got my Mother baptized the love bombing stopped. Then we sat with 70 - 80 of them in a Kingdumb Hell five meetings a week.


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