The Occult

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  • dogisgod

    I had one experience that was pretty woo woo. I was about 11 or 12 and was at a home of a "worldly" neighbor playing. Her little sister who was about 7 was in the front yard with a friend playing with a OuiJi board. We came out of the house and I said, "Ask it who Satan is". It spelled out, "a god". (This freaked me out) So I said ask it "if Satan caused Eve to sin and cast death upon all mankind" (This is really verbatum and true WT training talking) Before they spelled out that question it began to answer to me directly and said "God made Satan (big pause) Cast death upon Eve". Then it said "dog is god (aka my real name that those little girls could not have spelled) you are a very intelligent girl. You were borned by a witness" And at just that time my mom drove up to this house in her 57 blue and white chevy. ( all of us girls were freaked out and scared and crying) and said I just had a really strong feeling that I had to come and get you. I thought at that time that if Satan knew who I was then God MUST know who I am and God sent my mom to save us.

    My mom had an incident before I was born. They lived in So CA and she had just bathed my two older brothers and put them to bed. My dad was working swing shift. The evening was warm and the windows were open for the cooler night air. After she was cleaning the bathroom and carrying the dirty towels to the laundry room a voice said to her, as if it were someone clearly speaking to her, "There is a man in the bedroom". She leaned into the doorway and sure enough there was some big guy with his back to the wall waiting for her to walk by and then get her from behind. Her maternal instinct kicked in because she thought he was after her kids and she planted herself in the doorway and started screaming, "HELP, MURDER, POLICE!!!!! Over and over. He responded by swinging a right hook into her face and then jumping out the window and running away. She had a huge black eye and for many nights after that would sit on a chair in the corner of the living room with a big knife from the kitchen waiting for my dad to come home from work. She thinks it was an angel.

  • DoomVoyager

    I was once told by an elderette that she bought a bedset secondhand. Then she woke up in the middle of the night and the bedset was moving all around the room. They threw it out the next day. Honestly, what the hell is wrong with these people?

  • mahler

    Very interesting! I've had a few experiences, well things I thought were experiences in the past. The first, I was 16 (stopped going to the hell at 14ish) a friend of mine was going to a hypnotist (for entertainment) 3 times a week for months and months on end. This one time I saw him, he was acting very odd. Saying he could predict the future etc.. After a while he started to freak out (mental-case style) and I thought he was possessed. I freaked out at his freaking out, and I reverted back to the JW logic. Only later did I realize that he was STILL hypnotized and having some sort of mental break!

  • mahler

    Another run in with the old demons. I've traveled all over the place for long long periods of time. Once when I was Papua new guinea, I visited a head hunting cave that was supposed to be cursed. Shortly after words I became semi-catatonic. The locals said that this is common and a witch doctor came around and cured me. A miracle the demons helped me. Only after little research and visiting a hospital did I find out that, I was allergic to the Malaria pills I was taking and this happens to people. And tat the witch doctor gave me a heavy stimulant!

  • Fadeout

    Ha, if I thought there were any possibility of getting in contact with an actual demon, I'd be all over that in a heartbeat.

    No experiences here. Probably they're scared of the WT literature in the house.

  • SirNose586

    There is a pioneer extended family in the hall; the father and aunt seemed to be obsessed with demons. He includes an "anti-demon" request in every prayer.

    Even my grampa reports of his family and himself being harrassed by "demons."

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