Think I'll go to meeting tonight....

by avishai 9 Replies latest jw friends

  • avishai

    Just my presence there would be a great April fools joke on so many levels.

  • megaflower

    I know you are joking but I do wonder how some are able to attend after they have woken up to the JW crap. I cannot even drive by the kingdom hall without my skin crawling.

  • avishai

    It gets a little easier w/ time. JW's used to show up at the door and I'd just shake and foam at the mouth.

  • momzcrazy

    Ewwww! Don't do it, I beg of you!

  • avishai

    Oh, c'mon, I walk in, look at their faces, watch them $hit ice cubes, and then leave, it'll be great!!!

  • crazyblondeb

    I'll call your bluff and double-dog dare ya!!


  • momzcrazy

    OK, I triple dog dare ya'!

  • oompa

    I had decided not to tell...but I kind of made a statement Sunday. I went to a meeting for the first time in nine months. I only did it for my wife, and to see a few old friends, who I still would like to socialize with a bit for the sake of wife and normalicy.

    What was the statement you ask? I made a point of explaining to wife, son, and Dad/elder why I was skipping the memorial for first time ever just last week! That's right....oompa COULD have gone, but blew it off for a plain old Sunday meeting. They may have said they shortened the talk, but DAMM it was the longest near 2 hours in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.................Go for it avashi.......................................oompa

    even went to lunch with the PO, speaker, and 20 others

    oh and BTW, wife was a bit uncomfortable with me not using the NWT...I had a blue Bible in Living English

  • jaguarbass

    Think how good and wonderful it would be if we could all go.

    Too bad its not the troof.

    If it was the troof, I'd be there.

  • WTWizard

    I don't think I could ever go to a meeting. Not that I would get sick on the material (I would rather write another article and throw it back in their faces). I can look at such material, and then rebut it so people will be able to see it for what it really is.

    The real danger is that, once I go back to one meeting, I will start being hounded to go back to all of them. Then field circus, which is a complete waste of time. And the doctrines that are designed to make me unappealing. That is what makes me want to , not just reading it.

    Worse, they realize that if I ever get loose again, they might lose me again. With that in mind, they might just cash in on it. There is at least one family I know about that has dedicated their whole lives to keeping me in, and they would likely spend the money (which would be less if I walk in the Kingdumb Hell) to hang onto me. Let that happen, and they will force me to pioneer and attend all the boasting sessions. (And stay single for life.) Beyond that, they would force me to join the Value Destroyer Training School, accept all the billions of assignments I will be flooded with after graduating from there, and then plunge us all (the whole human race) into the Second Dark Ages. All from walking into the Kingdumb Hell once.

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