Do you believe history repeats itself? What does that mean for JW's?

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  • journey-on

    Interesting thought, WTWizard.

    There is also the possiblility that one has to develop a certain trait or particular way of perceiving

    before being allowed to glimpse the more esoteric teachings. One has to be "readied" and "prepared"

    to receive them. Therefore, they are hidden in plain site. The unprepared will perceive these things

    on a different level, but for those who have developed that certain level of wisdom and understanding

    required, the deeper spiritual mysteries will be more visible.


    There is no single preacher of the Bible infallable today ! Since the time God Yahweh gave us the Bible , all christians must rely on the Bible as the Infallable Word of God and do their best to understand it correctly.The Bible remains the same while our understanding of the Bible may undergo changes with the passing time. At present we live in times when the understanding of the Bible is much better than it was 100 or 50 or 30 years ago. The Bible used back then can be used today ! No changes in the Bible but changes in the understanding the Bible. Don't complain about changes the Watchtower made . This could be a good sign . It could have been much worse if they were not responsive to the need for changes. The Watchtower made changes and remained the same . I have made more changes in my faith life !

    I changed my religion from catholic to being an independent christian in a very fast way and in a new religon I have also made many changes in my views and I am happy to have done that in a much shorter time than the Watchtower did !

  • JH

    That's why my conscience is clear regarding what God wants of me. If he can't be more clear than that, I don't want to advance in a direction that would displease him, so I remain idle as far as religion goes.

  • oompa
    obves: The Bible remains the same while our understanding of the Bible may undergo changes with the passing time. No changes in the Bible but changes in the understanding the Bible.

    I hate to ask, but just HOW can ANYONE know the Bible has not been changed through the centuries? We already have tons of evidence that changes have been made to, and to suit personal doctrine no less. The Bible was "protected" by very superstitious, stiff necked men that were only too proud to raise their skirt to show off their mangled penis as proof they were doing gods will............oompa

    BTW, I am pretty sure satan would have added in the parts of the bible about shunning, and no homosexuality or premarital sex....these are the things that make some faiths so impossible.....he made it harder on us all

  • flipper

    OOMPA - to quote a famous David Bowie song, " Time to face the strange ch,ch,ch changes ! " I know what you mean - it's an issue I always had against the witnesses - they were constantly changing their views on everything. I think they are more confused than anybody else on the planet - in my humble opinion

  • jaguarbass

    The bible means what ever the preacher wants it to mean at the time. They all pick and choose.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    If history were to really repeat itself, I think the JWs are following the course of the Pharisees and Jews of Jesus' day. If a miracle-working prophet were to appear today and expose all the bogus traditional teachings of the JWs, their greed and hypocracy, the GB would quickly dismiss every miracle and truth presented. They would have the returned messiah DFd and killed in less than 3-1/2 years.

    Having lost faith in WT and the Jehovah that I was taught, I would need some convincing to put faith in the Bible. I'd love to see a real, true prophet appear that would perform miracles of Biblical proportions, give straight answers to questions rather than spout illustrations that can be misunderstood. And a leader that will stick around for more than 3-1/2 years.

    Otherwise, I'm hoping a UFO will land and provide all the answers and a wonderful future for 'righthearted individuals'.

    In the meantime, I'm trying to make the best of a bad situation.

    B the X

  • R.Crusoe

    Ooompapa that's how it goes - you are right to say a loving god would provide a much clearer map!

    We all know what its like to be given duff directions and led down a blind alley then blocked in!

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