JW's are the only ones carrying out the preaching work

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  • odie67

    This is what I was taught all my life. Believed it to be true. No one preaches from door to door but the JW's. Well I moved to another state and I've been here for about two years now. I have yet to see a JW in my area at all. Although there is a KH right down the street. On the contrary I see Mormons everywhere, all the time. Riding their bikes, ringing bells etc.

    My sister is a new Jw, and so she tells me a couple of weeks ago "you know the preaching work is done, the GB is stopping it" ( she rushes around her bedroom as if noah and his ark is outside her house waiting on her).

    ME: "oh yeah, says who?"

    my sister: "well um, sister so 'n' so called me and said thats what she heard"

    ME: "oh well i guess it's the end" ( I stretch and yawn)

    my sister: "you know they changed the magazines" (she shows me a watchtower with no color)

    for some strange reason I was not moved

    My sister: "we don't place these anymore, the brother at the counter just barely gave me my share"

    ME: "oh yeah, well let me know, if you hear anything else or if something happens"

    It's always this looming threat that the preaching work is finished but yet they are constantly getting whipped about not being out in FS enough

    yet i never see any JW out preaching (at least not in my area).

  • OnTheWayOut

    JW's are the only ones carrying out THEIR preaching work, but plenty of others
    are doing a more effective work.

    The Bible and Jesus both never said we needed to preach door to door. Jesus never did this.

    Nobody else carries a Bible that improperly put the name "Jehovah" in the New Testament.
    Nobody else considers leaving flyers as "preaching."
    Nobody else says "The kingdom is in your midst through the Watchtower Society, God's
    representative on earth."
    Nobody else says, "Jesus isn't your mediator with God and the Bible wasn't written for YOU,
    but listen to us and our message. Those that the Bible was written for will tell you what to do."
    Nobody else (well, maybe some Mormons) puts quantity of hours and literature left with people
    as their biggest priority when "preaching."

  • Hope4Others
    yet i never see any JW out preaching (at least not in my area

    I live in a smaller center where I should actually run into many but I haven't seen a jw in over a year in this area door to door, let alone run into one out shopping, banking or anything.


  • Quentin

    we've been here nearly twenty years, was approched 1x in a laundrymat couple years ago....got a nice "hall" in my town....even know a few members...far as fs goes they are mia round here...

  • blondie

    jws are still putting in the semblance of d2d but:

    1) they spend less time doing it. It only takes 1 hour a month (15 minutes if elderly or disabled) to be counted as "active."

    2) No more 4 Saturdays and 1 Sunday a month for good jws. Evening witnessing has taken a nosedive.

    3) jws go out when people are not home and have not adjusted their schedule. Many don't want to engage someone at the door because they have not read their own publications, have not prepared or practiced a "presentation" beyond a brief sentence offering the magazines. How many read a scripture today?

    4) jws waste time by talking at the "meeting for field service" after the prayer, sometimes taking 45 minutes to get in the car and on the road. While on the road, they spend 45 minutes knocking on the doors of people they know aren't home but out (Saturday). Then it is 45 minutes for a coffee break and maybe 15 minutes to make a "return visit" on someone that hasn't been home at that time for the last 5 Saturdays.

    5) Round off the hours, generous estimates, 3 hours but only contacting one person (see #4).

    I just moved recently but at my old place we were called on by Mormons twice, Lutherans twice, and Baptists twice. And that doesn't count the invitations to visit their congregation (25) that tempted us to go and see. From jws, in six years, one old magazine under the doormat on a rainy day that was soaked when we found it.

    jws don't have to convert anyone to qualify for "everlasting life in a paradise earth" so they don't try. I heard them say "I'm not very good at conducting bible studies or I'm too busy, I'll turn this call over the Sister Regular Pioneer."


  • Quentin

    quite the change then....back when I was "active"...met at the "hall", or "book study" home... about 15, 20 min spent getting the pep talk, then bam, hit the streets...bang doors two three hrs before taking a break...depending on who you were with it was a 50/50 deal as to whether you went back to the hall, or book study home, or back out another hour or so...

    Worked in pairs mostly too...carried a "book bag" that you could beat a rhino to the ground with, it being stuffed with so many books, tracts and mags...not saying that was always constant, it was however the norm....from what I read here on the board jw work is a ghost of what it once was...

  • Honesty

    One of my friend's mom gets the public approved Watchtower magazines and the ASLEEP journals.

    The JW knocks on her door and says, "Here are your magazines." and then leaves.

    No "How have you been" or "Is there anything you need?"

    Yep, the JW's are doing God's will alright.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    ...and Hari-Krishnas are the only ones selling flowers at the airport.

  • WTWizard

    Right now, they are the only ones actively seeking to plunge mankind back into the Second Dark Ages. They are actively suing everyone that tries to disagree with them, forcing them to take critical material down for petty offenses (just ask V what happens when they find a tiny amount of copyrighted material, not even theirs, in a video). They have forcibly removed several good apostate web sites (I guess they can't be having their light if they really want a DARK age).

    Worse, they want to achieve a "democratic majority" in this country. That done, they can run the country, rejoin the UN (this time, as a nation), and usurp ownership of the whole world. Then they will control every pixel of information everywhere, plunging us into a new level of superstitions and ignorance that will rival the First Dark Ages.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    The only ones huh? Two very nice ladies came to my door early in March from this Church:

    Calvary Apostolic Church

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