Blondie's Comments You Will Not Hear at the 3-30-08 WT Study (God's ways)

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  • BluesBrother

    Welcome back Blondie [The original and greatest reviewer]

    By todays WT, I have to conclude that J W's are not "walking with God"...after all, they say that it would affect "our conduct and the qualities we display", (p 2)

    P3 "Those walking with God are trustworthy" P9 "humble in mind" p18 "concerned about fellow Christians"....Those who are still in , in the family , will say frequently that they fail to see this happening in practice.

    As p 22 says "We must apply these Bible lessons in our lives " to benefit from them..

    Dubs will be waiting for their elders to have a change of charecter

  • Blueblades

    Blondie good job as usual. Could you clear up one thing for me. Somewhere it was thought that the "Burnt Offering" Q.4, was Jephtah's own daughter. That she could not have served in the sanctuary.

    Par.12 Mentions "Our Day, Soon", they are still preaching a destruction soon to come in our day.


  • Velvetann


    I am late with this comment, I read your WT study yesterday but had no time to comment.

    Again Thank you so much for the Watchtower Study I never thought I would ever look at one again never mind enjoy a WT study until I read your "version".

    Great JOB, Great answers.


  • blondie

    Hi Bluesbrothers, thanks for adding that point.

    Hey, Blueblades. There was a location in the temple area that was called the women's courtyard. She could have served there. Not much different than Anna, the widow, that was in the temple and saw the infant Jesus with his parents and knew that he was the Messiah and would have been the area when the widow gave the "mite."

    In Solomon’s temple, there was an outer courtyard where Israelites and proselytes, men and women, worshiped together, I'm sure there was similar arrangement with the tabernacle as the temple was built some time after Jephthah's time by King Solomon.

    Good comments everyone.

    Love, Blondie

  • Alpaca


    Thanks for resuming your gig. Am I assuming too much to think that your health must be improving? I certainly hope that it is!!!

    I have to tip my hat to ya'... I couldn't stomach wading through that imbicilic thinking and reasoning in the Borg's literature the way that you do.

    Nevertheless, I am very glad that you do what you do. It is one of the few avenues that I have for keeping abreast of what the Borg is doing and teaching. I live with the eternal hope that some of my old friends will wake up and bail like I did. Your's and others' efforts will be the catalyst if that is ever to happen.

    Thanks from the bottom of my (Agnostic, but warm) heart,


  • chickpea

    alas, whilst i appear a johnny-come-lately, i have to declare i hold off on the watchtower comments as i reserve this reading for sunday mornings..... NOTHING beats a hot cup of tim horton's coffee ( dubble dubble if you please) and the comments for a pleasing and profitable way to spend a sunday morning hour.....

    once again, it is staggering to me how much slipped by me in the automaton days of b0rg captivity.... the loaded and misleading language....

    i even caught one on my own today, now that i have well crafted and sensible instruction and insight

    Trusting in Jehovah will include trusting the modern visible channel that he has clearly been using for decades to serve his purposes. As never before, true Christians will then need to place their confidence in fellow worshipers authorized by Jehovah and his reigning King to take the lead. These faithful men will direct God’s people. Ignoring their direction could end in disaster.—Matthew 24:45-47; Hebrews 13:7, 17.

    (here we go again with the might, maybe, evidently, it is likely..... just dont look too closely.... )

    ignoring their direction would unmask molesters in the ranks

    ignoring their direction would reunite families shredded by a hateful practice

    ignoring their direction has been the most liberating decision i have made in 20 years

  • blondie

    Welcome, Velvetann, I do put in the thoughts I had as an active jw to make the study less boring. Glad you found it helpful.

    Great job, chickpea, find those conditional phrases the WTS uses to cover their rear end.

    Glad to help, Alpaca, that is one reason I started the text version again for those who like to keep abreast of the WTS "wisdom."

    My health has improved some, enough to try doing this again.

    Love, Blondie

  • mcsemike

    To 49&Holding: I'm not as patient as many others here because of personal tragedies inflicted upon me by these monsters.

    Question: Is 49 your IQ and you are satisfied with that level so you are "holding"? That number is roughly the IQ of a plant.

    It would help you immensely to keep your mouth shut for a few months and learn why this site exists.

    My final comment, and I'm sure you'll start some flame war but you'll be destroyed, is this:


    Now go away and play with your crayons.

  • mamochan13

    so glad to have your comments back, Blondie. I also appreciated Aude's explanation of why these comments are so important. I know my critical thinking regarding the Borg has been improved by reading them. Lancelink - welcome and thanks for a laugh. It's funny to me now, but when I first left the religion I was a bit like 49andholding. I didn't understand the point of witness "bashing" back then. I wasn't ready for any critical thinking because I was still in a blinded state. I knew something was wrong but still didn't quite understand the source - I blamed individuals instead of seeing the rotten core. Thanks to this site and people like Blondie I've had my eyes opened. So there is hope for you, 49andholding. When you are finally ready to escape the borg and enjoy the freedom of knowing the real truth, please come back to this forum and be enlightened.

  • Irreverent

    Blondie rocks !!!!

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