Mr. Flipper's Conversation over Coffee w/ JW Daughter - Mixed Results

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  • flipper

    Thanks for all your caring, kind replies. I will reply individually.

    LAYLA 33 - Thanks my sis ! I've always had lotsa love in my heart for my children. I will keep showing love and support to her and hopefully in time she will open her mind.

    OTWO- Thanks so much for your help. The card was sent out today to my daughter. Hopefully in time as you stated she will feel like asking me questions in dialogue discussing her doubts - but for now I am content just to develop a normal father/daughter relationship without " witness talk " .

    4 MY LOVE- Thanks so much. I know my daughter has a heart as big or bigger than mine - so I hope it works out in time !

    DINAH- Yeah my sis ! It has been a flip-flop of emotions since last Friday when my daughter first called me out of the blue ! Thanks for your best wishes. I've been fighting tears at the edge of my eyes for 5 days now at times, thinking about it ! But, I'm a pretty even keeled guy ; strong emotionally. But you are right, it still affects me.

    SPANTEACH- I'd gladly adopt you sis ! LOL! If I wasn't in California I'd take you to coffee ! Peace.

    CASPER- Saying " I love you " to your children is so important I agree . It will be interesting to see if they stop by some time . Thanks for the hugs - same to ya !

    RESTRANGLED- It's so nice to see you posting again my dear friend ! Nice to see that Doberman ! Thanks for your best wishes! I will speak my mind with my daughter - but be careful how I do it ! I'm so sorry about the lost time with your father . You are right. Time waits for no one ! Keep in touch sis ! Peace.

    BARBIE DOLL- Thanks. I will take it real slow with her trying to get her out in time. Thanks, I think I'm taking it in the right way, slow but steady. Just one step at a time. You are right- my daughter and my personality are exactly alike ! How did you notice that ? You must be psychic ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • flipper

    SNAKES - Thanks for the best wishes. Hope your college is going well. I have been told before that I do tend to have steel nuts. It's just the way they roll ! LOL! I guess I've been burned so much by elders in my past - I've lost any fear I used to have of them ! I feel my daughter will come around - but slow and steady wins the race ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • lookingnow25

    As I approach the time when my feelings will no longer be hidden from my family it's encouraging to read and reflect on experiences like yours. Thank you for showing that a level head is possible. My family is FULL of hard heads, and I have to remind myself that when the time comes to discuss my feelings and beliefs that my head being the hardest isn't what matters the most.

    Much appreciation,


  • dinah

    Aww Flipper, does that mean I'm adopted as your sis?

    It is such a crying shame that people will abandon the parent/child relationship over religion. They have been indoctrinated so (note to myself to pull that thread back up) it's like WT IS GOD.

    The parent/child relationship is the purest form of love on the earth. Anybody who has children think back to that moment and tell me you didn't get a rush of emotions that would knock you to your knees.

    Turning parents against children and children against parents (depending on which ones stay in the LIE) is EVIL. Talk about your angel of light..........

  • flipper

    LOKKING NOW 25- I have some witness family members who are hard heads like your family- I.E. older elder brother, and ex-gilead sister, but a calm level head is possible on our part to deal with them.

    DINAH- You are definitely my adopted sis ! I'm sure you'll treat me better than my real sisters would who are witnesses ! I cried like a baby when my son and two daughters were born 23, 21 and 19 years ago , and I have dtermined in my heart - I will never let a " mind control cult " come between them and me. The Watchtower society is evil in causing any family members to disown one another . It is definitely sick and twisted ! Thanks for your support, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • spanteach
    SPANTEACH- I'd gladly adopt you sis ! LOL! If I wasn't in California I'd take you to coffee ! Peace.

    Yay! I shall start calling you "Dad." Um...even though I don't really know you

    Thinking more about it now, the shunning thing probably was another nail in the coffin as far as my leaving "the truth." When I was in my early 20s, my father just stopped short of forbidding me to have anything to do with my older sister, because he viewed her as an "apostate." She left the religion and started having her own viewpoints, celebrated holidays, voted, etc. So in the truest sense of the word, yes, she was an apostate in that she's left. But the bottom line is, she's still my sister and I refused to stop speaking to her.

    And guess what? In the last two years, after years of ignoring his children because they weren't doing what he thought they should, my dad has reconnected with both of my older sisters. But my sisters are naturally VERY suspicious. One of them jokingly said "are they (our parents) dying? Is that why they're suddenly speaking to us?" Funny, but sad.

    FlipperDad, I hope that you and your daughter are able to peacefully resolve things without having to deal with years of not speaking to each other. It would be very unfortunate if that happened.

  • SPAZnik

    So she thinks it would be easier if you were DF'd and she spoke to an elder before coming to see you and now wants you to go talk to said elder thereby verifying your apostate questioning thinking that you are also spreading to her and her husband?


  • hotspur

    That's progress Mr. Flipper, and just keep it ticking over.... it'll work out in the end, especially if she has the characteristics and personality of her father!

    I'm very fortunate. My daughter still attends and even though I'm DF'd it's never stood in her way of communicating with me. She comes with all the family to visit us (I am living with a lovely lady who will become my wife soon).

    Interestingly, she called Monday to say, "Excuse me if go on a rant about your ex-wife". Hmmm - this is HER mother. She's still JW and the kids don't think that highly of her.... go figure!

    That is one relationship I'm so glad I got out of! I don't think I'd be drawing breath now if it wasn't for all the things that have caused my life to be so much better than it was. If my mother was to ever met her ex-daughter-in-law again then there'd be a police case!

  • potentialJWconvertswife

    Mr Flipper- keep plugging away, you're making progress and you have a plan- I hope it works! Wonderful that you were able to actually see your daughter, I pray that she'll come to realize that your relationship is so much more important than what anyone in the organization thinks about her associating with you. Hot- welcome to the board! -Potential

  • Princess Daisy Boo
    Princess Daisy Boo

    Mr Flipper... It is ironic - you are a Dad, dealing with a daughter stuck in this cult, I am a daughter, dealing with parents stuck in the cult. I said in a thread I started recently that I sometimes wish I could be DF'd or DA'd just so that things would be easier. I too wish I could be your adopted daughter, as spanteach said! Good Luck Flipper!

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