Girl dies as parents pray instead of taking her to the hospital..

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  • daniel-p
  • llbh

    This is so sad they will live with this for the rest ot thier lives - sadly she is dead.

    I watched my own brother die in diabetic coma aged 36 - and did what he could to live with his condition


  • Sad emo
    Sad emo


    Even if they have that much belief in God they should have the intelligence to realise that its him who gives the doctors their skills.

    Its a bit like that story of the guy who drowns having ignored a car, a boat and a helicopter...

  • Layla33

    My step brother passed away because he was not allowed to have a blood transfusion. He had lost too much and at that point, it was too late. It haunts me to this day.

    NOW they want to have new doctrine on blood, but what about those children, adults and teenagers that died because of it.

    To me, this is child abuse and social services should be involved.

  • Barbie Doll
    Barbie Doll

    "God" is more important to them and they believe what the church tells them. The Family is last and let them die,

    It is so so sad. Someday they will feel the Pain and have to live with it.

  • nelly136

    poor little girl, another waste of young life for some screwy 'religion'

    The Neumann family has ties to the "Unleavened Bread Minstries," a little-known church that shuns modern medicine in favor of prayer. A statement posted on the organization's Web site by the founder, David Eells, says the Neumanns "contacted one of our elders to ask that I call them to pray for their daughter. That elder got in touch with me Saturday evening and I called the Neumanns."

    Eells also wrote that the Neumanns have posted testimonials on their Web site but are not "'under' our minstry."

    Eells does say his church does not believe in the the medical intervention.

    "We are not commanded in scripture to send people to the doctor but to meet their needs through prayer and faith. As anyone here in the ministry will tell you, we are not against doctors for those who have their faith there and never condemn or restrict them in any way," Eells writes. "But we know that the best one to trust in for healing is Jesus Christ. The foundation for receiving this benefit from Him is repentance and faith in His promises."

  • Casper

    So incredibly sad. There is no way... "God or no God" that I could let my child go like that....


  • momzcrazy

    This is so pathetic! My cat is a diabetic and I give him insulin twice a day. A child? I would move heaven and earth to get them the care they needed!

    The other kids should be taken away.


  • calico

    STUPID! I guess prayer doesn't work--or was the girl not worthy of being saved? I would love to hear the parent's answer to that!

  • buffalosrfree

    They are just like witnesses in my book, people who will let their children die over some bs they precieve to be correct in the Bible. They have no heart just a dedication to a concept. Witnesses and People of that ilk whould change their minds in a heartbeat if the religious powers that be said it was okay to i.e. take blood, and to get medical care for ones own children.

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