Nipple rings could be used as a weapon

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  • Octarine Prince
    Octarine Prince

    or so says the TSA:


  • jgnat

    My first thought is that nipple rings on a victim could be used handily by an assailant....

    ....but I see this has to do with airport security. Frankly, I think security is going to be insanely tight if we want safety in the skies. Perhaps people with heavy jewellry should consider trains...

  • jgnat

    My sister tells tongue ring stories that are removed prior to surgery. As tongue tissue regenerates very quickly, she's had patients plead that the ring be put in while they are still in recovery, in fear that the tongue would grow over the hole before they could get it back in.

  • looking_glass

    Well I have even better list for you. Up in Lake County, IL, the courthouse clearly thinks it is ripe for a terrorist attack because the list of items not allowed is a full page long. However, the rent-a-deputy who stands next to the metal detector also has "discretion" to determine whether to make you remove (and thus he/she gets to keep what you have to turn over) something from your bag or not.

    I take the train up to Lake County to the court house. I have a little over night bag because I plan on staying up there w/ a friend who will be picking me up at the end of the day because I was going to be in the courtroom all day. I figure I will shove the bag in the conference room right off the court room, it will be fine. No, as I am going thru the metal detector, the rent-a-deputy (a dude) makes me turn over all my make-up ... I guess it can be used to make a bomb. A small suitcase lock that I use for going to the gym, cause I had plans to do that while I was there ... cause it can be used as a weapon. 2 safety pins that I had in the hem of my pants because I managed to get my heel caught in the hem and torn the hem out. ... because they can be used as a weapon. Guess what, none of these items were on the list of "prohibited" items list.

    Unfortunately, I was stuck because I did not have a car to keep my stuff in and they don't have lockers for you to put stuff in and once you "turn it over" to them, it is no longer considered yours. Total BS!

    Who the hell is going to try and take out the Waukegan Courthouse. Really, no one can be bothered to live there so I doubt any militant groups are going to storm the place and destroy it. Clearly they would be doing the world a favor if they did.

    P.S. Can you tell that I am still pissed over this. It cost me a fortune to have to go out and buy all new makeup. And needless to say the dude I was with was none to pleased that we had to go to the mall to replace my "girly stuff".

  • sweetface2233

    Good God, how big was her nipple ring? I've never set off any metal detectors, stationary or handheld, w/ mine. Good thing she didn't have her clit hood pierced.

  • Frequent_Fader_Miles

    My first thought is that nipple rings on a victim could be used handily by an assailant....

    Yeah, or you could just rip them out of the nipples of your attacker. [ouch]

  • new boy
    new boy

    Unless I see the pictures of that...I refuse to believe it!

  • WTWizard

    I think anything can be used as a weapon in the hands of someone that is determined to pull off a terror attack. You could, for instance, break into the cockpit and use your pants to strangle a pilot and hijack the plane. (I do NOT recommend trying that at home!). Someone could also use a book to clobber a pilot and hijack the plane (again, do NOT try this at home). Pretty soon, people will not be allowed to fly with anything at all.

    We need to find out, for absolute certainty, what really went on during the September 11 attacks. Was this something that was staged? If it was, then we are losing lots of time trying to "solve" a problem that did not exist, and the real problem will happen again "when the time is right", regardless of what ridiculous items are banned from planes. And they need to come clean about it, instead of following the Watchtower Society's example with the pedophile scandals and hiding and denying it.

  • MissingLink

    I just wish somebody would try using an underpants bomb. Then the geniuses who make the security rules would make everyone take off their underpants for inspection before getting on the flights. Freakin retards.

  • mrsjones5

    I guess it could put an eye out

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