anyone else feel inadequate

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  • BurnTheShips

    Nobody is beyond redemption.

    The JWs don't have the truth.

    I love your screen name.

    Embrace the suck.


  • R.Crusoe

    Does 46&2 mutate into 42&2 or would such need more lifetimes?

  • mouthy

    Welcome to this site .It is the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE site you asked anyone else feel inadequate

    While you are in the Jehovahs Witnesses you will always feel inadequate. WHY? Because you are doing WORKS. Every one on earth feels this way at sometime or other in their life. But when you start thinking for your self & realise your a real person that if you really DO believe the ONLY truth>Jesus.He died for you because we are not able to do everything RIGHT>>> I dont know why the elders have counselled you. But they are men! with faults also. So just KNOW God loves YOU!!! So continue in prayer & read what all these folks on here think about the Organization ,( JW) Not all are believers not all think alike but we all CARE about each other. You can say anything you like about your life. No one will condemn- they cant -because God examines your heart. & by your e-mail I would deem yours it pretty O.K.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    According to the jw's EVERYONE is inadequate supposedly from God's pov. It is however from the wts pov that no one is worthy and must work their way into the Kingdom. Please don't let them push you down. I hope you find the peace you seek, whether in or out of the wt.

  • logic&reason

    Not sure if this will help you or not, but here goes:

    As the son of an elder, born into the organization, I was always under the mcroscope. People would pick at every little thing, and though I never did anything wrong (even by JW standards) I was never doing enough. At the same time, I saw others getting away with whatever, things getting covered over, power plays, politics, and outright scandals. I struggled for a long time with things going on in the Hall. I would get discouraged and frustrated with what other people were doing, questioning how "Holy Spirit" could allow such things in the congregation.

    Then one day, while doing some research, I came across some information that made me start questioning fundamental dates. That made me do even more research outside of the WT index and the WT Library CD-rom.

    I started reading whatever I could get my hands on. I know the internet has been condemned by the society for years, so I went to the public library and started checking out references and following up on "facts" presented in the literature. What I found was astonishing.

    10p posted a comment earlier about reading Richard Dawkin's works. Oddly enough, it was a reference in the Creation book that got me to start reading The Selfish Gene by Dawkins. That will change your perspective on a lot of things.

    Don't let yourself feel inadequate. Work hard to really learn the facts, and weigh them carefully. The "truth" is not always the truth.

  • potentialJWconvertswife

    46&2- Welcome to the board. The Doc has something there- just because the Watchtower says you committed offenses doesn't necessarily mean God considers your actions offensive to Him. If you lurk around the board a bit you'll find that many of the doctrines of "the truth" are actually lies. Many of the Witness beliefs may be "Bible based" but they add in things that are not taken from the Bible and are not supported by it. Logic- welcome to you, too. Another good point- "the truth" is not always the truth! -Potential

  • mouthy

    Welcome logic & reason. Good advice

  • logic&reason

    I find it ironic that for all of the constant admonition to STUDY STUDY STUDY, the KM from (I believe) September 2007 was discouraging any investigation outside of the WTBS publications.

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