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    kool aid man06

    Lots happened!!! The telephone conference,otherwise known as the apostate party line, was really buzzing. Many came on the conference call earlier and were able to get through, however, those coming on later somehow crashed the system, whether this was due to an abnormally large number of people calling at once or, some other technical reason, we're not sure. Next conference is scheduled for Friday April 11, and we will have to somehow regulate the calling so everyone doesn't call all at the same time. This telephone conference venue offers a different dimension or avenue for Jehovah's Witnesses to see what the Watchtower is hiding behind and what their real agenda is. We were thrilled to hear from many who are in this forum, and it was encouraging to share comments on how we can help Jehovah's Witnesses. We do know there were Jehovah's Witnesses listening! One of the conference participants told us he knew of a Witness who took his cell phone outside his home for total privacy to call in. A Witness can feel secure listening in without the fear of being caught.

  • seven006

    Kool Aid Man,

    First, why the screen name “Kool Aid Man”?

    Second, you say there is no hidden agenda but isn’t your relationship with your sister site Upper Room Ministries a hidden agenda? Don’t you use similar tactic’s as the JW’s do by presenting information that puts the JW cult in a bad light in an attempt to put your Upper Room Ministries in a favorable one?

    Do you, or do you not, have your Upper room Ministries and born again Christian philosophy as our ultimate agenda? If not, then why no information on going to other churches, religions or Atheist and agnostic alternative information for the JW’s you say you care so much about because they are in a cult?

    If you want the respect of those on this board, be up front and give a full disclosure of your objectives.

    I saw the video on your site with the guy talking about mind control. I didn’t see the whole thing but from what I saw and listened to, I though he was fairly accurate on the subject. Since he was affiliated with your URM I quit watching (I didn't have time for the full sales pitch).

    To me it was using somewhat of a bate and switch technique. I see no difference in your techniques and those used by the Watchtower, Mormons or even the Scientologist. Entice then dice, slice and state your price .

    If you are tying to start a new “god company” and try to make a living doing something you know how to do, then so be it and good for you. That is understandable. But, be up front with it. Spell it out in the first paragraph.

    Your advertising techniques of “Attention getting tabloid “HEAD LINES” on this thread and gloom and doom music you use on your web site is a big turn off to anyone who is not easily persuaded by such sophomoric boogymanisems.

    Good luck with your new church. I hope you get a lot of Christian followers that can help you fill it. But, please do not try to insult the intelligence or feeling of kindred spirit of others on this board who do not appreciate or share your agenda or objective.

    Take care,


  • Pickled

    This post is for the person who joined JWD and then sent me a PM 25 minutes later and has not posted on any threads. You asked me a question based on my post here on this thread.

    Here was your question:

    "I want to be on the phone hearing a voice that is real and live. Why would You want to be on a forum that is just typed print?"

    I responded to you but, in addition, I would also like to break my post down for you (the one you were asking about) so that you can also get the answer for yourself...


    “This sounds like a great opportunity especially if there are already 400 Witnesses planning on calling in and listening.”
    WHAT TO OBSERVE HERE: 400 witnesses will be calling in.

    “Now that I have said it sounds great, I have a question about it.”
    WHAT TO OBSERVE HERE: I was indicating that I was about to ask a question, not make a statement.

    ”Is that a "Witness" thing to prefer calling in with a phone and listening to a one-sided presentation?”
    WHAT TO OBSERVE HERE: I am asking if that is a preference that I am not aware of that would be a preference of a “Witness.”

    “I understand what you are saying about the hundreds of threads about convention food, ice cream, funny out in service moments, etc…”
    WHAT TO OBSERVE HERE: I am acknowledging the poster I am addressing and his view of threads that are started that have nothing to do with anti-jw activity.

    “…but why did they prefer this over a website that could stick to certain topics that they can post at and get feedback?”
    WHAT TO OBSERVE HERE: I am stating clearly the reason why I am asking this question, and again not making a statement of preference. I am indicating that internet forums offer a way for those posting their questions to get feedback….or answers to their questions. I am asking a question. My motivation for asking was my assumption that none of the 400 concerned JW will be able to ask any questions and receive feedback.

    ”Just curious and STILL think your phone thing is a positive step.”
    WHAT TO OBSERVE: I have indicated that I am curious about this chosen method. I have also indicated that I think the method chosen by this poster asking people to use the phone to call in and get info about the JW… positive.

    And to answer your question about why I would want to be on a forum that is just typed print? For the same reason you joined a forum just to PM me. You obviously thought I would be more available to answer your question that way.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Dave, AMEN!

  • kool aid man06
    kool aid man06

    Hello! to Dave and others replying on this topic. I'm glad to see that there is a variety of views expressed on this forum and I hope that the board stays this way. The avatar "kool aid man" has no reference to the "kool aid" that killed so many cult members in Jonestown. I use it in connection with the mindset of so many Jehovah's Witnesses. Vast numbers of J.W.s seem to have the thought that everything the Society teaches them is so truthful. If they were taught by "Jehovah's channel" that the Kool Aid man is real, they would believe it. As regards my having a hidden agenda, I think the agenda is quite clear and in the open. Many people on this board know that Kool Aid Man is Rick Fearon and I live in Massachusetts. The objective of posting on this board is for one thing and one thing only, to help Jehovah's Witnesses find their way out of a very destructive organization.Coming from the Christian side, I realize how important a connection with God is for those leaving the Watchtower and I realize not everyone subscribes to this. I have met with so many former J.W.s who say connecting with God is what got them through their disconnect with the organization. I know that some on this board have alternatives to this but we can all work together in helping to free so many good people. As far as the " bait and switch" accusations of leading someone to our church, or our "god company" for financial gain, this is not true. As far as our websites, and as one person has suggested that it is nothing but a "cut and paste" job, yeah! a $10,000. "cut and paste"job! I am very excited about the next telephone conference scheduled for Friday April 11 at 9p.m. We are attempting now to increase the number of phone lines in hopes more can get in this time and not get blocked out.

  • ninja
    ninja an eastenders accent (brits know what I mean).......any chance of making an mp3 for us plebs to listen to on our i-pods at work?.....ta

  • BurnTheShips
    I have to ask, what is a "house church"?
    House church (or "home church") is an informal term for an independent assembly of Christians intentionally gathering in a home or on other grounds not normally used for worship services, as opposed to a church building, due to specific beliefs. They may meet in homes because they prefer to meet informally, because they believe it is an effective way of creating "community" and engaging in outreach, or because they believe small family-sized churches were a deliberate apostolic pattern in the first century and intended by Christ. [1]

    My first outside the Watchtower experience was at a house church. They are popping up everywhere. It was very positive for me. I was still an MS at the time. It is basically Christianity without the big religion.

    OF course, there is a downside, the dubs basically began like this in the 1800s

  • daniel-p

    Bttt. OK, the next event is tomorrow, as per koolaidman's post above. I would like to hear how this goes.

  • Quirky1

    Kool Aid,

    I visited the sitte but was unable to get past "Enter". I seen the six screens a hat and a door but was unable to go further.


  • greendawn

    Does Rick have a hidden agenda? Perhaps it's too early to say that right now and the future actions of his group will show its true colours. I think now it's too early to pass judgements.

    But it's understandable that due to the very negative WTS experience, ex JWs are extremely suspicious of anyone dealing with or organising things to do with religion. The WTS was created solely for the purpose of making money out of religion and certainly not to help their fellow man as they claim.

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