How have you benefited by leaving the WT Organization?

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  • Reefton Jack
    Reefton Jack

    Since giving them the heave-ho, I have been able to be myself; not someone who was trying to shoe-horn himself into the mould of a WTS clone.

    This was not achieved overnight:
    - it took many years to rediscover the person I was before the WT Madness took hold.
    For quite a time, I lost direction completely (exacerbated by the death of my son in an accident 10 years ago).
    But, in the end, it has been well worth it; not having to continuously pretend you are something that you never could be.
    (If entry in to the "New System" is dependent on a person being a good book salesman,then I dip out before I even start!)


  • LogosHealer

    oh dear. The best part about leaving the WT is the FREEDOM. And no more guilt. I was always watching my back about who I was hanging out with, who I was talking to, what I did. The hardest thing I ever did was go back to the kingDUMB FALL and tell those dick-less elders that I did not want to be part of this crap anymore. And them I walked out and felt the biggest feeling of relief ever. It was amazing. It's like I see my own "new light" and it sure as hell isnt with Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • 10p

  • 10p

  • 10p

    I now love my fellow man (instead of thinking they are all worldly and about to die) . and like others commented, the freedom to think for myself. Hey, evolution may be wrong, but right now, it makes more sense to me than any other idea. If it is wrong, something better will replace it, not one of the old creation myths tho'. We keep getting closer to the truth, even if its on a logarithmic scale. Ahh to think is wonderful.

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  • WTWizard

    Besides the aforementioned, I have missed some major embarrassments. The pedophile scandal broke the mainstream news last fall, and I missed out on being involved. And now I have thought about my work was going toward starting the Second Dark Ages--anyone who reads the Asleep!'s "science" knows how poor it is. By not being out in field circus, I am missing the wonderful opportunity to be known as one of the ones that started the Second Dark Ages a few thousand years from now.

  • Quandry

    I just say this thread and wanted to add:

    I am saving money!!! We always took our car in service. The mileage, and wear and tear on the car!!!!

    Think of the gas prices now....and driving around looking for return visits to be home.

    Plus, no more $$$$ spent going to conventions.

    No more $$$ spent on new meeting clothes, shoes, etc. which could not be worn elsewhere.

    No more $$$ spent on dry cleaning bills for the clothes which could not be worn elsewhere.

    No more $$$ in the contribution box to be used to pay lawyers to defend pedophiles, or to send the GB on first class trips to exotic places to give talks on conventions.

    Just too bad I was so stupid for more than thirty years. I wish I had my $$$$$$$$$$$$$ back!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Quirky1

    Damn! I never even thought about putting $$$$$$$ into the equation! Reality....What a concept!



  • flipper

    QUIRKY 1 - I have benefited in so many ways I can't even begin to list them all. But I got my " freedom of thinking ability " back . My mind is not controlled anymore by a " mind control cult ". I have authentic happiness- not " fake " acceptance or plastic happiness

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