To all anointed wannabe losers, DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT, OR ELSE!!!!!

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  • jhine

    cheers cleanideas .


  • confuzzlediam

    I was df'd 5 years ago. It was right after being df'd that the numbers for the 144,000 started to increase. It was when one of the elder's in our cong. participated and claimed to be one of the anointed that I started REALLY questioning things. How could the numbers start increasing when I thought they had already been chosen and the numbers were decreasing.

    It was this along with the mention of the "rapture" that caused me to have serious doubts as to the "truth". There was an article in the WT study that said that when Armageddon came, those that were left on earth from the anointed would be taken up into the heavens. I remember calling my then husband saying that the WT talked about a rapture. I remember leaving the kingdom hall with a headache. I had already been df'd about 2 years and was attempting to go back so I could have contact with my husbands family. After this meeting, I had a really hard time sitting through any more. It was painful.

    Now with this info coming out, the WT is having to cover their behinds by making sure those who are partaking are doing so because they are "worthy". Don't want that number to keep increasing or armageddon will never come!

  • Tenacious

    I still remember that article that called the newly participating brethren as being emotionally unstable or having past mental issues. I was still very much in at the time but I remember thinking what an insult it was to those were truly being called. This was one of little crumbs that added up to a full blown crust that eventually crumbled beneath its own weight (their own writings).

    if a person who partakes has committed a serious sin, he should seek spiritual assistance

    Just like King David, and so many others, sinful brothers should not even let the elders take a wiff of their rectum much less openly confess something that is completely between God and man.
  • Vidiot

    Finkelstein - "If you do partake, assume your going to be looked upon as mentally disturbed."

    That's telling in and of itself...

  • OneFingerSalute

    I perused some of that article.

    I notice many of the hounders, and wannabe hounders use the term "Father" in their self-righteous prayers over and over again, as if it is some kind of incantation.

    I believe I will start calling it to their attention that they should no longer use that term. They are NOT anointed, and so as par. 16 states, courtesy of the governing body, only the anointed have the right to call Jehovah "Father".

  • Crazyguy
    Does this mean since I partook last year I now need to go back and partake again this year to rub it into their faces? I was really planning on skipping it this time.
  • steve2

    Under absolutely no circumstances should an anointed brother or sister engage in "Memorial hopping"; that is, go from kingdom hall to kingdom hall to partake of the emblems more than once that evening.

    On a more sober note (pun intended), others have already noted above that the literature no longer claims the numbers of anointed are decreasing - but nor does the literature acknowledge that, contrary to Watchtower doctrine, the official number of anointed has increased for a consecutive number of years.

  • redvip2000

    If you do partake, assume your going to be looked upon as mentally disturbed.

    I think you probably are. Think about it. You are really supposed to have a strong inner feeling that you are a special child of God, that you are different, superior, enlightened. The level of narcissism required for this puts you well into the delusional range.

  • Finkelstein

    The you must be probably mentally disturbed came about by the WTS, because they didn't have any other answer to why the anointed number was increasing.

    Being that Christianity has been around for over 2000 years, you would think that number would be filled by now ?

  • sir82

    If you do partake, assume your going to be looked upon as mentally disturbed.

    I agree.

    But it raises the question - how do they get "new anointed" to replace the GB members who die?

    Sanderson is still less than 50 years old. Why is he viewed as belonging to the "most holy" instead of viewed as a deranged emotionally disturbed nutbag with a grandiose narcissistic disorder?

    The only way I can conceive of to reconcile it is this:

    If a CO or Bethel Heavy "catches the eye" of one or more GB members, they invite him to Bethel (if he's not already there) and observe him closely. If he passes muster, the GB member must discreetly "whisper in his ear" something along these lines: "You know, you are so spiritual, you might just be anointed....why don't you pray about it?" Which the aspirant correctly recognizes as an invitation to join the GB, if he is willing to start sipping the cup & crunching the crackers.

    My speculative scenario is hinted at, if not verified, by Tight Pants Tony's story in the May 15 WT. He was "invited to serve at Bethel" in 2002, and joined the GB in 2005. I figure maybe a year or so of observation, then a couple of Memorials where he starts partaking, and whammo - "You are now in the club".

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