To all anointed wannabe losers, DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT, OR ELSE!!!!!

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    Once again the beloved and loving Governing Body are demonstrating their utmost disdain for the rank and file members of the Jehovah Church. Let us review this interesting trend, starting with some facts! Yay, facts!!!

    First off, Memorial partakers have been steadily increasing, despite the WTBTS's claims of the opposite. They have even went so far as to claim that the declining number of partakers is a sign of the Last Days! What do the numbers say? I submit this information, courtesy of

    Yikes! Now what?! What's a religious hierarchy to do?? I suppose you could say that anyone who thinks they should partake are suffering from mental and emotional imbalances.... Or you could give a demotion to all in the Faithful Slave class, and claim that only those at HQ are the Slave. Or you could make an entirely new Memorial outline to coincide with the nu-light concerning the Slave? You could make sure to remind the sheep how much they should not be partaking, because if they think they should, they are more than likely wrong.

    You could also print article after article that extol the Governing Body and the WTBTS corporation, and you could make sure that loyalty to the Corporation is equated with holiness! Of course some good articles on "apostasy" ( without ever really defining it ) would also be helpful!

    I suppose you could even write an entirely new WT article that focuses, not on being a loving Christian, but on making sure you do not partake unworthily, thereby committing a serious sin! Yeah, that sounds fabulous and ever so encouraging! If only we knew where to find such an article....Oh wait, here's one!!

    Starting with paragraph 11, they remind they rank and file of the dangers of partaking "unworthily." Not to be missed are some guilt inducing phrases like "Those who rightly partake", and "Individuals entitled to partake", what a blessed relationship these ones have! Who are these "ones?' NOT YOU!

    After all," No dedicated servant of Jehovah and faithful follower of his Son would want to show disrespect for Jesus' sacrifice by partaking of the Memorial emblems if he or she actually lacks clear evidence of being an anointed Christian." (paragraph 13) What exactly qualifies as "clear evidence?" Would it include lying in court? Perhaps lying on TV? What about refusing to cooperate with the "Superior Authorities" appointed by God? Would that qualify one to partake worthily?

    It was also mentioned that," if a person who partakes has committed a serious sin, he should seek spiritual assistance." Also, they should produce fruits that befit repentance, otherwise he is ," showing contempt for Jesus' sacrifice by partaking.." Ouch!! What would be such fruitage, lying, pedophilia cover-ups, refusal to submit to the "Superior Authorities", perhaps DF'ing any who disagree with human ideas? Or what about labeling them as "apostates" deserving of death as mentally diseased minions of Satan?

    I hope this clears things up. If you are wondering about partaking....

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  • Finkelstein

    If you do partake, assume your going to be looked upon as mentally disturbed.

    We are trying to dissuade this if you must know.

    God bless you.

    PS we have taken the precaution of using tainted wine and moldy unleven bread this year just so that you know.

  • Hairtrigger
    You ain't seen nothin yet! Wait till the numbers reach 144,000. Then we'll see how you apostates spitball our prophesies. They'll start comin' true then; with the power of the holy spirited collective will of our complete numbers!!
  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
  • cleanideas
    I'm embarrassed to say this now, but back when I was a boy I used to really look forward to seeing the number of memorial partakers drop. I was told paradise would be here before they all died out. Now over 14,000??? What a sick joke!
  • jhine

    Where do the numbers come from that indicate an increase ?If the official line is that the numbers are falling how is it possible to get the true facts ?


  • cleanideas


    The numbers are pulled directly from the Jehovah's Witnesses publications. In the past they would use the dropping number of memorial partakers as "proof" that the end was near. Now from their own publications it has raised to 14,000 from what the average number was of around 8,500 for decades. The official line is NO LONGER the numbers are falling. If anything they allude that the massive increase may be from people who are not really anointed but just think they are. Either way they say to leave it in Gods hands. To verify the current number of partakers you can download the 2015 yearbook from the JW website and go to page 176 under Grand Totals. Here is a link you should check out that explains it very clearly what has happened along with where you can find the material in the Jehovah's Witnesses literature.

  • freemindfade
    Nice post DATA-DOG
  • blondie

    There is a Question for Readers asking if an anointed jw were df'd and reinstated would they be no longer anointed but other sheep because of their sin.

    Forced by the Corinthian example of the man that was df'd (per their description) and reinstated (their description) did not become other sheep (no OS class in first century) but continued as anointed.

    The anointed are not more holy than the other sheep or understood the scriptures better or even have more holy spirit...other QFR discussions.

    It is hard to say then that the anointed do excel in those areas. The bible portrays as a personal communing with the holy spirit.

    Maybe God should send tongues of light and have them sit on the heads of the anointed.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I loved their former, rather avuncular pie-in-the-sky vision that the tiny remnant of the anointed would usher in the great crowd of lesser mortals through the trauma of Armageddon into the ‘cleansed earth’. This smells of Freddie Franz’s blissful idealism. The concept of being anointed, apart from their self appointment to heaven, has become an accusation and challenge to their role as divine appointees. The heavenly hope is now reduced to nothing more than a pain in their butt.

    The passage of time shows every teaching of the Watchtower org to be a meaningless fantasy.

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