Who's Going to the Memorial Tonight?

by daniel-p 43 Replies latest jw friends

  • daniel-p

    OK everyone, who has to go to the Memorial tonight? Check in here, state the reason you have to go, and when you get back, let us know how it went and your impressions. For me, I have to go for my family--since I'm doing the fade I figure it won't kill me to go. Fortunately I'm not going to my old congregation, so I'll be able to avoid the awkward conversations.

  • lfcviking

    I'm not going, i've got better things to do.... like drinking my bottle of Jamesons (with ice).

    I believe my mother and brother are going to it.

  • DevonMcBride

    Can you also report back here if the attendance was higher, lower, or the same as in past years.

  • free2think

    I didnt go, my first, of many, non attendance.

  • Asheron

    I am going.....no wait...Im going to an atheist fest....duh..can never get that straight.

  • Galileo

    I'm going, I put in an appearance every now & again so my friends that are still in can feel OK about hanging out with me. But I'm getting PLASTERED first! My new annual tradition. And hey, at least they're serving food and alcohol at this thing, right?

  • Sirona

    ROFL @ Galileo

    I didn't go...I'd rather eat a slimy slug than suffer that bollocks.


  • tnangel73

    I am going. I have to take my mother. Last year my son had a scream fest in the Hall. I got to leave because of it. Actually that was the worst fit he had ever had. It was funny to me. He is in quite the mood again today.

  • loosie

    The full moon was last night. tonight the moon is only 99% full. I thought memorial was to be on the full moon.

  • spanteach

    Who's going? Um..not me. . When I was a regular, I disliked the hypocrisy of people who ONLY showed up to the memorial. If you're going to quit going, go for the whole enchilada. So I don't attend knowing full well that I have no intention of going back.

    Not judging anyone who is going. I'm merely stating my reason for not going.

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