Watchtower Comments THE MEMORIAL Video

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  • V
  • XOCO

    V, u did a great job on the video, and i'm glad that u clarified/ made the distinction that were not here to talk about jesus but to convert u


  • R.F.

    ..."taking a sip anyway....priceless." LOL!!!

    Loved it. Great video!

  • IcingHeart

    Wow. What bastards.

    You know, I feel like partaking of the emblems this Saturday, and if anyone objects, I'll just tell them straight up "Oh, Jehovah spoke to me and said I was annointed!"

  • lovelylil

    wonderful video as usual. Thank you for all your hard work. Lilly

  • SirNose586

    Another spot-on job. Too bad the site is down so I can't comment right away...

  • Frank75

    Well done as always


  • heathen

    I can agree with the need for baptism before eating and drinking but don't agree in it being a spectator event , the bible doesn't say that at all and they do twist scripture to make it look that way .The apostle Paul said that those not eating or drinking should simply stay home .

  • Tatiana

    I'l be commenting as soon as the site is up. alt

  • WTWizard

    They waste more time discussing who should and should not partake (13 minutes) than they spend talking about Jesus (12 minutes). They put a guilt trip on anyone that has been partaking unworthily and tell them that they should pray humbly and hope Jehovah will be nice enough to forgive them instead of holding it against them but still greedily taking the work anyways.

    And, of course, there is 8 minutes wasted trying to recruit. They target anyone that looks new, and try to get their names and addresses so Brother Hounder can locate them for a study. Of course, that means if you try to leave as soon as it's done, the parking hounders will hold you up until they can get that information and get you set up to become a witless.

    Better to watch this video and go to the JWD Congregation Memorial than go to the real REJECT Jesus party.

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