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  • Hope4Others

    Thanks to all the hard work by those who post the pdf wt's I have not seen any recent ones from cover to cover in years.

    The study article (While you Are Young, Choose to Serve Jehovah) Wt April 15/08

    Paragraphs 15-20 talks about the large door open to you. "Have you considered aux or reg pioneering. kh construction, Bethel service & missionary service." As discussed

    on this board in recent topics it has been brought up about the Wt running or not running out of money. If Bethel workers are be laid off or put out to pasture so to speak

    because of money issues then why do they continue to put these thoughts into the Wt study articles? Are they still accepting new drones? The question asked

    near the end of the article is "Will you go through the large door while there is still time.?) So is seems as if the Wt is undecided about their money issues. Any thoughts

    about those paragraphs?


  • blondie

    They are pasturing out older workers but still need younger ones perhaps to replace more older Bethelites.

  • AnneB

    Bethel (WT) is not running out of money, they're just reallocating it. The same with accepting Bethel workers; they're laying off the ones with out of date "skills" and bringing in people who better fit their current needs. This is common practice in the corporate world, profit or non-profit.

  • Hope4Others
    pasturing out older

    I wonder how these people are to take care of themselves? It seems extremely selfish to let these ones fend for themselves doe it not?

    What a loving provision boot the old in with the new!


  • nomoreguilt

    Yes, Hope, it's pure loving kindness on their part, isn't it? No retirement, no social security, no grown kids to take care of them and NO GOLD WATCH!!!!!


  • NewYork44M

    If you are a lawyer or a cpa. The wt wants you.

  • VoidEater

    As the Armed Services know - it's easier to manipulate direct the young...

  • sir82

    They are pasturing out older workers but still need younger ones perhaps to replace more older Bethelites.

    This is exactly the sentiment expressed to me by one of the "displaced" Bethelites.

    In the past, Bethel service was available as a lifetime career for those who so chose it.

    Now, it looks like a 20-or-25-year-max time frame. As soon as you get into your 40's, and are too much of a health risk, out the door with you! If you are lucky, they'll make you a "special pioneer" and pay you a few hundred a month & cover your health insurance. Of course, you won't make it very long as a SP, so by the time you'd be too expensive for even health care coverage, you will have dropped off the SP list and will likely be subsisting on the generosity of a local congregation.

    Nice setup, eh?

  • deaconbluez

    Plus anyone with computer skills are welcome to "serve" in Brooklyn. Graphic design is becoming a specialized skill that is hard to find within the organization because of their looking down on higher education. Plus older people are more expensive in the long run because of higher health costs. The Watchtower, like any other corporation/organization, wants to have the most low-maintenance employees that they can find, and then when the cost gets to be too great, just throw them back out into the world. The genius of it is that the mindless followers see it as God's arrangement.

  • jwfacts

    I received an email to my site from a long term NY Bethelite. Interestingly, he said that there has been a lot of murmuring at Bethel over the recent changes to blood policy and the generation. What he has found disturbing is that the ones that are being asked to leave are generally the ones that have been more open in their discussion of these topics.

    Bethel is legitimately downsizing for cost saving reasons. However, they seem to also be weeding out people at the same time. Encouraging youths to consider Bethel as a career ensures that there will still be a supply of new workers in the future, workers unaware and unaffected by current doctrinal changes. I imagine there will be a lot more doctrinal upheaval as we pass 2014, which is only 6 years away. There will also be a continuing changing of the guard on the GB, and hence a new and different crowd of loyal followers.

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