Sea Monkeys

by RAYZORBLADE 12 Replies latest social humour

  • Priest73

    too funny. someone gave me sea monkeys for xmass this year!!! They currently live on my kitchen table!

  • Superslave

    My son & I have had sea monkeys 3 times & they just died. Can't get them to stay alive!!!


    Too funny, everyone!

    Honestly, what a con job we were taken for back in the day, eh?

    Troubled Mind: I do not recall the "Spider Monkey" gig.

    The turtles? Well, it was not uncommon for kids to just grab any baby turtle that did not get away in time and raise it. I was surprised, some of those little gaffers, survived. But, they got bigger and sometimes a bit too aggressive. Kids thought turtles would be fine on Shreddies, Corn Flakes and Lucky Charms, but this was not the case.

    Eventually, come spring or early summer, you had to let them go into the creeks and rivers.

    NONE of us had snapping turtles, we were hugely afraid of those things. Rumour had it, they'd wait for you to take a pee in the water and snap off your P _ _ _ S.

    X-Ray goggles, I remember those and the dumb ad you'd see of a woman's dress being somewhat transparent with some geeky guy smiling ear to ear. I never saw a pair, but we did laugh about having them at school.

    Sea Monkeys = brine shrimp. <makes great fish food, I know that.

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