What Crazy or Funny Practical Jokes Have You Played On People ?

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  • Robdar

    LMAO at Nathan's practical jokes! You are creative in your mischief, no doubt.

  • Jringe01

    In the mid 90's I was out with 3 older sisters distributing one of those big special tracts. During our conversation I mentioned how I was going to visit my sister in a neighbouring cong and while there I'd be going to a nearby town to do some shopping and meet some friends there.

    Now the two ladies in the front seat knew me very well (and knew I was gay and also knew that at that time I was not doing anything about it). So it really caught their attention when I started describing this "girl" I knew to Donna (who was with me in the back). I was telling her I go to see her and spend time with her every time I'm in that town, how sweet she was, comes from a good family, is really pretty with nice red hair...and cute freckles.

    Well...once I mentioned the freckles the ladies in front got it but poor Donna...I had her going for a good 15 mins. She was so excited, wondering who this family was (she was sort of familiar with a couple big families in that cong), thinking I had met this really nice girl whose father "...owns a restaurant and a couple of coffee shops"

    Extra points to you Mr Flipper if you can guess who the girl is. I'm certain you've at least seen her if not met her.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I'm guessing the girl was Wendy Thomas, daughter of Dave Thomas and "mascot" of Wendy's hamburger restaurants.

  • Jringe01

    Yeeeah....Donna was less than amused when I finally had to tell her. I couldn't keep a straight face cause she was swallowing it hook line and sinker

  • bigdreaux

    ahhh. i've done so many, but here's my 2 crowning achievements.

    this pompous brother had a brand new house built. i found out from his mother that he had hid a key, and found out the location. i would go into his house while he was at work and re-arrange just enough stuff to be noticeable. i'd unplug random clocks and plug them back in so they'd blink. just small things. he had the elders go through his house because he thought he had demons. lol

    the other one was at work. i hated this guy. we would get into it all the time, but, he'd always run if it started to get physical. so, he goes on a week long vacation. he takes the day before he leaves to clean all his tools and organize them. he leaves. i turned his box around and drilled holes all over the back. i installed grease zerts in the holes and FILLED his box with grease. it was squirting out the front. then i cleaned up the mess, wiped his box down and put it neatly against the wall. needless to say, he was not happy when he came back from vacation. we also had birds that would come in the shop alot. i climbed up and put magnetic trays filled with bird seed in the rafters over his work station. he never figured why there was always bird shit all over his work bay.

  • R.Crusoe

    A word of advice - if you sleep walk and got a bollocking of the wife after a night on the whisky for peeing of the top stair thinking you were in the john, do not on the next occasion exact urinal retribution by standing peeing over the wife whilst she sleeps and expect her to buy it!

  • flipper

    STARTING OVER- I hope none of the guys really " burn " when they are peeing or they really will get " pissed " at you ! LOL!

    NATHAN NATAS - Funny " cannonball " balloon story ! Mannequins and masks do work well in practical jokes I have found as well. Good job !

    JRINGE 1 - Nathan Natas beat me to it ! Good job !

    BIGDREAUX- That is great making somebody think they ha demons in their house ! Funny ! The birdseed joke was great !

    R. CRUSOE- Funny urinal stuff ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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