Jesus as Michael

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  • NewTruth

    Yikes, MOG>...too deep for me.. I'm not great on languages..except the English language...

    Salcolton; I know what you mean... The way the name is not used, makes one think, that maybe, just maybe God doesn't care what name we give him....huh..?

    Rebel...didn't catch that about the NWT... interesting..

  • Sarah Smiles
    Sarah Smiles
    Okay guys..... I ABSOLUTELY think Jesus is Michael..... reasons?

    1. Who else will battle Satan in the Great Trib and throw him out of heaven?

    2. Who else would stand up for his people in the Great Trib as in Dan. 12:1?

    Those 2 things are only the job of Jesus.. no one else. IMHO.....

    1. Jesus commands ten thousand times ten thousand angels. When he opens the seals the angels do what he says including mighty angels, strong angels, arch angels, 24 elders, and the creatures. When Jesus opens up the seals, Jesus commands all the angels and they react to what Jesus tells them what to do. In my view point, Jesus will command his arch angels with a voice of an arch angel and all the angels will know him! Michael will battle Satan and throw him out of heavens because Jesus will command it! as well as giving someone the key to open and close the abyss. It really is all about Rev 5.

    2. Daniel 12:1 so what if Micheal stands up for Daniels people?

    Not even the WTBTS Daniels Prophecy book claims to be certain as to which Angel is speaking to Daniel. Daniels Prophecy, see foot notes after chapter 8 .

    In Daniel 10, one can assume that there is only one angel who strengthen Daniel and someone standing in front of Daniel. One also could say that the Lord Jesus was having a conversation with Daniel and was standying in front of Daniel while Gabriel was strengthen Daniel Jesus could have declared "..there is none that holdeth with me in these things, but Michael, your prince."

    So if Jesus is declaring and standing in front of Daniel then he could not be the prince of Daniel! There are three characters in Daniel 10. You can pick and choose!

    Daniel 12:1 Stated what Michael's role is and that is giving Daniel hope that Michael is standing up for his, Daniels, people.

    You still need to figure out Daniel 10! Which angel is doing what, and was it Jesus or another angel speaking about Micheal. Does this make Michael, Jesus because he is standying up? NO! IT does make him watching over Daniels people and preventing any harm to come to them. It does make him a prince! Who knows maybe that another name for an angel with higher authority or a guardian angel. It looks like it gave Daniel hope!

    Again, no one really knows if that was Jesus speaking to Daniel or just another Angel speaking about another angel Michael. We can assume, that it is angels speaking about other angels!

    I do know this one, if Jesus was speaking and Gabriel was touching Daniel then Michael could not be Jesus, because Jesus is referring Michael as the prince who will stand up!

    Some claim it is just Gabriel because Jesus tells Gabriel to tell Daniel in earlier verses. However, that does not mean that Jesus later did not appear to Daniel himself because something appeared to have changed in verse 10.

    I can state what most people will say to you," it is a vision and not real."

    Have fun with it! Let me know what you come up with?

    Consider two things that Jesus commands using many angels to perform the action yet Jesus will get recognition because he was, Lamb.

  • NewTruth

    Hi there Sarah and friends..

    I forget, why do we think that there are more than one archangel.. ? Is it because Michael was one of the chief angels or something like that?

    Okay, about Dan. 10.. guess I'll just have to fall back to the WT's view that it is an angel other than Michael comforting Daniel.. I agree though that he suspiciously looks like the same one in Rev..talking to John..

    Oh, I don't buy the statement about it just being a vision..

    Okay, about Jesus commanding Michael and other angels to battle Satan... hmmm... a thought, but I still envision Jesus as actually doing the battling of Satan...because he is the most powerful and pure... and Gen. 3:15 prophesied Jesus destroying Satan.. and part of that, IMO, is this battle in Rev. 12...

    Good comments....

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