My insane JW friend takes me to lunch...

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  • sspo

    It's not how many times you were involved in wrong doing or how bad it was as long as he's truly repentant.

    It does help though having a few good freinds on the JC.

    A sister committed adultery and kept it hidden for a year and half while pioneering, when she confessed and cried before the elders

    she just was put on restrictions, it's all about who you are in the congr. and how well you're liked.

  • shopaholic
    "Well, they made a bunch of changes over the past couple of years, and now it's extremely hard to get DF'ed".

    Sure Roy may have friends on the JC committee but the above statement is kind of true. I've personally known of a number of cases where JWs were involved in all types of things that you would think a person would be DF'd for but they only lost their privileges and were publicly or privately reproved. Several elders have even said from the platform that its very hard to get DF'd nowadays and that if someone gets DF'd its either because they asked to be DF'd (I know someone who did this) or they were involved in something extreme like apostasy.

  • JK666

    It's not what you did, but who you blow.


  • Evidently

    What a pant load of BS!!!

    Me thinks that he had some dirt on the elder friends......

    Perhaps he "hooked" them up with his little harem of chickies for a little extra-curricular nookie.........

  • sooner7nc

    I first posted this a couple of years ago before I DA'd myself. Honestly at the time I thought that my friend "Roy" would not be understanding at all about the stand that I wished, and eventually did, take. I was wrong, dead wrong. This person whom had committed all these so called immoral atrocities was the one JW, excepting of course my wonderful wife, in the town I live in that hugged me and told me that we would be friends forever no matter what I beleived. I thank God that I have a friend like this. Everyone should be so lucky.

    Your the greatest "Roy". I'll try my hardest to be as good a friend as you.

  • Black Sheep
  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Per the Fleece the Flock Book:

    "The degree of discipline should be commensurate with the degree of deviation."

    Sounds like his JC went to a different Elder school than the rest of us.

    Or, they were good buds.

    Hey, it's great "Roy" still has a human heart.


  • wannabefree

    While it may seem shocking, the difference with the elders might be his attitude. If he approached them to confess on his own, that is a huge factor, that would make this more of a "prodigal son" type of situation to the body. His coming forward on his own, spilling his guts, shows repentance, public reproof ... it may play out differently with another body of elders, but this does seem reasonable.

  • designs

    BOEs and Judicial committeess are all over the place on dDFing and Reproof. Having survived two Elders Schools it doesn't surprise me what happens when a JC is formed.

  • Cagefighter

    I agree with Sirona.. I think as long as you agree with doctrine all is forgivable as long as you come to them and confess. The fact that he came and confessed so much was proof he was repentant in their minds.

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