Your comments on this Memorial Bible reference (1 Cor. 11:26)

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  • Sarah Smiles
    Sarah Smiles

    Interesting! because Jehovah's Witness believe that Jesus went back to heaven and he changed back to an angel form, Michael the Arch Angel that he is not a god nor Jesus in heavens. Remember the Watchtower state that most people who believe Jesus is not Michael believe he is Jehovah,Trinity!

    So why would they need to partake if Jesus changed back to Michael as soon as he entered the Heavens, and everyone is just waiting for Michael to stand up for his people?

    I am confused about this myself! I believe everyone should partake because it has nothing to do with a heavenly or earthly hope but a eternal hope for whoever believes Jesus is the son of God.

    Hmm, so why should WTBTS people partake until Jesus return if they believe he is an Angel? So when Michael hits the earth's realm, air, he will change to Jesus again? oh well, just a thought!

    Why do they pray in the name of Jesus instead of Michael?

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