Surge in "anointed ones"

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  • TweetieBird

    The youtube video below sums it it up very well.

    OMG, that was great. I hope that will be a regular feature on youtube.

    It's mind-boggling that I bought into the BS for so long.

  • chrisjoel

    If the #s get out of hand will be like anything else Half the organizational thought is "Wait on Jehovah cuz hes in charge and he is running things"..while the other half works on damage control...

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    As stated - they created this problem for themselves - as they have with all date-attached doctrines.

    Interestingly to me now because about 6 or 7 years ago, when my doubts were still suppressed, but nagging me, I began to ask why this little flock was not dying at the rate they should have been. The number just did not ever fall significantly, though the 1935 crowd was now well into the 10% per-anum mortality stage. Now, in order to sweep '35 and it's attendant embarrassment under the carpet of deceit, they have had to 'open the door' to explain away the problem.

    That door might be their Pandora's box of sorts. Witnesses are now seeing that the options are only two: They grow old and die and molder in the graves until the new system arrives. Or, they grow old and die and get life 'in the twinkling of an eye' in heaven. Like most mainstream Christians - the latter seems more palatable than the former. And if there is a choice - why not? Besides - the 'anointed' are not just getting life eternal [like the earth dwellers], but Immortality [they can never die again no matter what.].

    Just a Wild-Assed Speculation here:

    Could they be laying the stage to move the date of Jesus' heavenly appointment to 2014? I can see the articles in a couple of years following, stating that all those who died previous to this date were just of the earthly class, with notable exception for a few apostles, etc. Then when Jehovah's date for inauguration of His Son approached, the in-gathering of the 'little flock' began in earnest.

    The jdubs have short memories - and in very little time will adopt the new idea. The older ones will die and take with them most of the old ideas. They can now explain all the contradictions in 'New light'.

    It has been done numerous times. Why could they not pull it off again? If they did, it would put them at the threshold of another 100 years without the problem of Christ sitting on the throne doing nothing. Sometime after the start of the 22nd century they would begin to deal with it again.

    They would still have to stress the earthly class, or change the 144,000 doctrine in time. But they would have bought another century.


  • loosie
    Especially when the number gets over 144K.

    I would pay to see that number published in the wt.

  • WTWizard

    I hope at least 144,001 apostates partake this year. Maybe that will embarrass them.

  • MidwichCuckoo

    So 'Jehovah' not only made the mistake of closing the 'door' in 1935, but has now changed HIS mind and is recruiting more of the mentally challenged from amongst the Watchtower Org...sheesh.

  • Sirona


    I have considered that. If they really truly believed the end was "right around the corner" then they would
    not have changed the definition of "this generation." They changed it (twice) in 15 years because they
    panicked. There are still babies around from 1914. They will be around for another 10 years or so.
    Why did Jehovah move them toward the 1995 change? Why did he move them to the 2008 change?
    The first one could have been to encourage some on the fence to remain in the flock, but why did Jehovah
    move them to the WRONG understanding to correct their WRONG understanding, just to correct it
    again 15 years later?

    Could you explain this please? I know about the change in "generation" in 1995, but what do you mean about that being corrected?


  • sir82

    Could you explain this please? I know about the change in "generation" in 1995, but what do you mean about that being corrected?

    "This generation", prior to 1995: Persons born in 1914 or earlier

    "This generation", 1995 - 2008: "Worldly" people alive at the time when Armageddon breaks out

    "This generation", 2008 - ?: "Anointed Christians" living on the earth since 1914 (see the 2/15/08 Watchtower, all kinds of threads on it around here)

  • willyloman

    Keep in mind, it doesn't matter how many people partake. It's how many of them are "reported." For many years, the WTS has privately told elders that they should report the number of partakers "except for those who are clearly partaking unworthily." How that is determined is left up to individual elder bodies in each congo. If, say, last year's report was that 8,600 people were "partakers," the number who actually partook was probably higher than that - although only by a small percentage. It remains to be seen what they do when congos start reporting huge increases in self-declared annointments. No doubt they are preparing spin on this now.

  • lawrence

    I'll be there to up the number. The BOE were pissed off when I partook in 1975 & 1976. The jokers at some KH this year will probably try to attack me when I partake. I'll make sure to keep the eyes in the back of my head focused.

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