Dubs and doorbells -- has there been some "new light"?

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  • undercover

    I grew up in mostly rural territory so when you pulled in someone's driveway, if they were home they saw you before you saw them because the dogs would start barking alerting everyone there someone was coming. It was hard to fake the not-at-home in rural service.

    But I preferred working rural to city/town because in the city we had to walk more and knock on more doors. Working rural was great, especially after the invention of the dreaded mini-van. You could pack 8 to 10 dubs in a car group and if you were lucky you could go all morning getting only two or three not-at-homes.

  • parakeet

    I'm shocked, I tell you, shocked! (not really) at all of you field service shirkers! I must have been in the wrong cong, 'cause I never had a clue about all these evasion tactics. But then again, at that age I didn't have a clue about much else either.

    The only houses I would not visit had large, growling dogs in the front yard just daring me to open the gate. I used to wonder why Jehovah would crush these unvisited and unenlightened people at Armageddon just because I was afraid of dogs.

    Bonezz, that makes more sense than anything in WTS literature. And a lot funnier too.

    lovelylil, I knew you would have rung the doorbell. Everything you do is done with sincerity.

  • willyloman

    While I was planning my exit strategy I tried to avoid FS like the plague because, as someone else already wrote, I did not want to bring anyone into an organization that I couldn't wait to get out of! Fortunately, I quit cold turkey a few months after making the decision to fade so I only had to "play" FS a few times; usually I just didn't go out and more or less defied anyone to ask me about it. No one did.

    After about three weeks I realized I had to make an appearance so as not to arouse suspicion. So I arranged for my daughter (who was also fading) to call me on the phone at about the time we got to the terrritory. I have the kind of job where I can be called in to work under various circumstances, so I just pleaded a work emergency and took off. One time I arranged the car group so there was an odd number. Then I split everyone up and said I'd work by myself - which was a relief to the others because most dubs hate that. So I just went to each door and pretended to knock/ring. I spent as much time at each door as possible. I walked slow and stopped on the sidewalk to take out a notebook and write down the not-at-homes. In this manner, I could while away the time until people started heading back to the car(s), which was a signal we were going to coffee break. The coffee break lasted nearly an hour, as usual, as everyone was hungry and needed to eat. After that, I said I had to get back to the house to take care of some things. The other time my wife and I went out with another group, in separate cars. We parked our car around the corner and volunteered to work a whole block, all four streets. I suggested the other group (of four) work a street in the other direction. After fake-knocking for 15 minutes, we went back to the car and went home.

    In retrospect, I don't feel guilty at all. We did our job - which was to be seen. That's all FS is, you know. A chance to show the other dubs that you are a loyal soldier. It's not a life-saving work at all. It's a face-saving work.

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