Dubs and doorbells -- has there been some "new light"?

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  • Octarine Prince
    Octarine Prince

    Memories! Oh, memories!

  • bonnzo

    some of you REALLY KNOCKED!? i placed 8 mags last week without touching a door.

  • ex-nj-jw

    When I was a kid I never rang the bell. I always lightly put my finger over the button as if I was pressing it. This worked until one day when my mom gave it a second press and it rang like a church bell . Boy did I get the beating of my life after that one, Jehoobie was very disappointed in me. At least that was what my mom told me, I guess she had a direct line to the old geezer and he'd tell her every time he was disappointed in me and what that level of disappointment was


  • WTWizard

    They were quite strict on that where I was. If my partner could not hear the knock, and very loudly and distinctly, he would knock for me and chew me out for not knocking hard enough. Ditto for the fake door bell ring, since he would need to hear the bell. And, no snaking out by pulling a common UPS trick (knock or ring, and then leave before the householder has a chance to respond).

    I think they knocked with cannonballs, not Q-tips.

  • BFD

    Now it all makes sense! Armageddon has not arrived because no one is ringing the damn bells to preach the good news to all nations!


    I always rang and/or knocked. Of course when I was doing it we charged for the rags and I needed my candy money.


  • kurtbethel

    Ahhh,you people are funny!

    All this time it has been a charade of people who don't want to answer the door hiding from people who don't want to be calling at the door.

    Most illuminating.

  • Outaservice


    Knock, Knock, (Loud). Good Morning, my name is Outaservice. I've stopped by to argue religion and sell you some books.
    So, if you've got a few hours, I'd like to step in!

    There, I did my part and was on my way.


  • Akira

    It is different where I live because we have to say "good morning" loud in every house. So, no pretending.

  • chickpea

    i have to admit i was a knocker..... in fact they called me "sarge" because i knocked bare-knuckled and really loud

    i am thinking back trying to recall if mebbe i was ever paired up with someone wishing we could "pretend".... god, what a dolt i was......

    c/p ( of the " whaddya mean dont knock?" class.... d'oh!)

  • lovelylil

    Boy do I have egg on my face! I actually RANG the doorbells. Lilly

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