Forbidden Love?

by ZeroZen 52 Replies latest social relationships

  • jgnat

    Good idea, Zen. Cool as a cucumber.

  • ZeroZen

    She seems "normal" enough but I still think I would have a hard time talking about religion with her, it is just not a natural thing for me. I would think if her religion is a part of her everyday life things would not work out for us. What if she is just a part of the religion to please her parents? Would there be any hope for helping her out? If I showed her the CC book could this cause her to run and maybe make things worse. I also know p sychologically for alot of women if their fathers are controling they look for a controlling mate. I do not think Im a very controling personality and would rather have a women who is more assertive.

  • Wendy_Warden

    I have been in the same situation as you. The thing you have to realize is the fact that she will try and hope and pray for you to convert. If you don't want to then you need to make it abundantly clear to her. If she really wants you, she'll stay, but otherwise you may find yourself left in the dust. In my case, I was put through the 'trying to convert you' stage, but we argued badly over something and have never spoken about regilion again. We're friend but that's about as far as we can go. If you won't convert and she won't either than you have to be happy being friends. Just hope she can come to the place when she sees the danger of the WT.



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