My life flashed before my eyes yesterday.. close call.

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  • quietlyleaving

    wow - close call - glad you're safe

  • OnTheWayOut

    I love your descriptive stories, even though this one is a bunch of bull.

    Glad you made it.

  • dinah

    It's good you were alert that morning. Those close calls really scare us.

    Around here, it's mostly deer and dogs and wander into the highway. A close friend of mine did actually hit a bull. It totaled his truck, but he was unhurt. Of course the owner of the bull didn't claim it so he wouldn't be responsible for the damages.

    I join the others on this thread in saying that I'm so happy you are still with us!!

  • hillbilly

    glad you didnt hit one of those beeves...they make a mess of things.

    I dont know about Indiana... but in Tennesee cattle on the road are NEVER claimed by the owners. After a wreck anyway... seems there is some liability for poor fences. Good freind had a big steer do a walk- through of a cube-van at 60 mph one day. No one was hurt but the fan was a total loss and the steer was junk. Seems ear tags are "untraceble". His inusrance stalled for weeks paying the damages on this one.


  • mouthy

    Glad you're still with us ! Guess the Bull is gonna follow you forever. Glad this is the 2nd one you escaped from ( 1st one JW"S

  • Casper

    Amazing ...!!! So glad that you are okay.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Thanx all for the nice thoughts.

    Interesting note about how ownership is often denied by the farmer. I guess I would too if it might cost me my farm.


  • journey-on


    Close call! So glad you're okay and quick on the move. When I read the title of this post, I thought

    perhaps you had had one of those experiences like a friend of mine had. He was in a life or death

    situation and thought he was going to die! Suddenly, his entire life flashed before him. He said later

    it was the strangest experience he had ever had. Everybody he ever knew and event after event he

    had experienced in his life just went through his mind like the speed of light. He said it was like his

    whole life was being uploaded to something outside himself in the flash of a second. This is the most practical, rational,

    pragmatic guy I know, so coming from him, this was a really phenomenal experience to hear.

  • StAnn

    So glad you're okay. We had neighbors with a struggling farm and they kept fixing their fences with baling twine. Never worked and the cattle were always getting out. Once their bull came up on our front porch and tried to take the front door out with his horns. I'm so glad you didn't hit that bull. You're right, you probably would have been killed. Guess your Guardian Angel was flying as fast as you were driving!

  • MsMcDucket

    My neice told me about one of her cousin's (on her father's side) running into a cow. Actually, his girlfriend was driving, she struck the cow so hard that it went up into the air and landed on top of the roof. It crushed the roof. Her cousin had the worst injuries; included traumatic brain injury. He survived; but he's not the same person.

    I'm glad to hear that you're ok, Jeff!

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