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  • noni1974

    Don't feel sorry for me. I've been out for 10 years and I've been lucky to make real friends in my life. That's how I know the diffrence. I've experianced both sides. Fake only because I was a JW "friends" and the real friends who are there for me no matter what, not just because we both happen to belong to the same religion.

  • 5thGeneration

    I have lots of 'real' non-JW friends as well along with 'real' old loyal JW friends.

    Let's stop this silly argument.


  • BFD

    Hi Bryce, welcome.

    I'm curious to know what it is about the other group that you like more than the JWs.

    As far as what to do about the JW study, just be honest with them.


  • Casper

    Welcome Bryce,

    I agree with BFD and others, just be honest with them, the sooner the better.

    If they are your real friends they will stick around, if not, at least you will know. Time will tell.


  • Quandry

    Please stick around here and find out about the history of the Jehovah's Witness organization.

    Did you know that the original founder, Charles Russell, used a measurement from a pyramid to calculate the return of Christ, and called the pyramid "God's silent stone witness?"

    The second president of the Watchtower Society, Rutherford, stated that it was a truth from God that David, Abraham, and other "ancient worthies" would be resurrected in 1925. He had a mansion built in San Diego for them, even deeding it to them, and had two cadillacs-I guess for their use. He used them, as of course they never appeared.

    You can read here about how the Watchtower Organization was an associate of the United Nations for about ten years, while stating in the Watchtower magazine that it was from Satan and will be destroyed by God.

    You can read here about the problems the congregations are having with pedophiles, even paying out large sums in settlement court costs, all the while condemning the Catholic Church for its coverups.

    You can find out about doctrinal flip-flops over the years. The people of Sodom and Gomorrah will be resurrected, no they won't, yes, they will......I don't remember how it stands now.

    To take an organ donation was cannibalism, now it's not....

    The list goes on and on. Please educate yourself before you make a decision you regret.

    You are in a unique position. You can ask any question at this time. Make the study conductor do research and get back to you.

    If you become baptised, you are not allowed to question anything.

  • real one
    real one

    noni is correct

  • 5thGeneration

    real one,

    Once again, I am lying.

    I have no friends anymore that are current JDubs. Elders, MSs, pioneers, sub C.O.s.

    Thanks for straightening me out.

    Bryce, follow your heart.

  • StAnn

    Bryce, unfortunately, these people aren't really free to be your friends. If they want to remain JWs in good standing, they aren't supposed to associate with people who aren't JWs, unless they're in the conversion process. It doesn't mean they don't truly like you. It means they are completely controlled by their belief system. Don't be surprised if they drop you when you tell them you don't want to be a JW, even if they sincerely enjoy your company, but remember that they aren't in complete control of their faculties.

  • Aphrodite

    5thGeneration, I don't know how you can say that. If you do still have those friends then they must still think you are a witness or likely to come back. Do those people have you over for dinner and go to basketball games with you? Maybe your concept of friend is a little skewed.

  • jgnat

    Hey, there are nice people in the Witnesses. When no-one is watching, they can be quite natural.

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