Do U Look Down On People Who Remain As JWs ..1's u think should no better?

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  • jaguarbass

    Do you find yourself looking down on people who you think should know better but still hang on to the religion? I escaped in 83 and many of those who havent died are right where I left them in the Kingdumb hall. I dont look down on them. But I dont look up at them either. They remind me of the robot in the movie Artificial intelligence who was sunk under the ocean and he kept praying to God to rescue him. And there was no God to rescue the robot.

  • reneef

    I feel very sorry for the children. They did not choose this way of life and they suffer because of it.

  • flipper

    I look down on the leaders of the witness " cult ", the governing body who caters to child abusers by their lax policies , and are fully aware of the BS they are pulling by hiding pedophiles . However for the rank and file members I feel sadness that they are " mind controlled " by a group of old men in Bethel who claim to have the right to dictate what these people should or should not believe

  • hillary_step


    Do U Look Down On People Who Remain As JWs ..1's u think should no better?

    u wot?


  • sustainedhaze

    Not at all, one of the people who i have always felt was someone to look up to and who was what i would really consider a good man, intelligent too, my father. On his second round as an elder(had to step down due to lack of control of family, namly myself the first time). He is sincere in his beliefs, mainly because of his willingness to accept what he is fed, so much so that i look at him with pity and sorrow. Pity for the scales clinging so tenaciously to his eyes and sorrow for all the years of good times not had with the ones who brought me into this world. But never would i look down upon him for standing up for his beliefs, for those beliefs have made him an honest, hard working man with many good qualities to emulate. It is good to remember that for some, beliefs can be tied very closely with ones own sense of reality and perhaps even their very sanity. Big changes don't come easy for all.

  • oompa

    Some I resent, because they are so hypocritical....but I guess I was too for a long I don't look down on them... I even feel guilty lately for trying to talk a DF'd friend of mine to reconsider his efforts at getting back in....he is a very young 32, married a kinda in dub, and both their families are is tough with the family thing.................oompa

  • chickpea

    i yearn for their awakening...... for once i walked among them

  • WTWizard

    I do look down on those that run the show, namely the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger. I also look down on those who are in it for the power show, and those who sabotaged my relationship with the opposite sex within the organization. Those humanoids are there to initiate force and/or fraud against others, and wish to do it all the more.

    Those who were born in and want nothing more than to mind their own businesses are not to be looked down on. Nor are those who were defrauded into thinking it was the truth, especially if they are seeking to leave and finding it difficult. Those do not wish to run others' lives.

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    In this modern era, with the amount of information and knowledge that is around, YES

    I still to this day find JWS mostly lazy, irresponsible , apathetic and stupid not exactly good expressive human qualities

  • anewme

    No, I am happy for them because they are still living the dream of paradise earth and feel full assurance of Gods love and hope for the earth.

    In the eight years out I have found nothing better to offer them.

    I have left the org and tried to like the world of mankind and have tried to hope that man will
    unite to save the world

    but at this writing I am very discouraged about the future and miss having a hope, true or not.

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