Could I have broken into your house?

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  • Outaservice

    Some time ago, I asked this question on the old H2O, but many of you are new. I'm curious.

    How many of you, when you were JW's had the security code '1914' in your home system?

    I think a lot of JW's were subjecting themselves to robbery with that number. They no doubt now use a different number with the old date fading?


  • momzcrazy

    You could have but you would have gotten shot. While the alarm was going off. I'm a good shot with my .357.


  • a Christian
    a Christian


    The problem is, very few JW's have ever been in need of a home security system.

    Because of the Society's long standing policy of discouraging higher education ("The End" has always been coming too soon for JW's to "waste" their time going to college) most JW's have aalways ended up in low paying jobs not earning enough money to own anything requiring the protection of a security system.

    I recently read some study that confirmed this to be a fact. It found that among all religions, JW's have the lowest average level of education and income. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule. A few JW's have somehow managed, with nothing more than a High School education, to start successful businesses and make enough money to need a security system. But they are certainly few and far between.


  • Carmel

    And what would the security code for a Seventh Day Adventist be? 1844? 1867? carmel

  • orbison11

    dont laugh,,after almost 10 yrs, i still use that code for one of my security numbers lol what a dummie


  • uwishufish

    I don't have an alarm just two dogs Armageddon and Wrath. Would be theives would meet both at their point of entry.

    These two love to tag team their quarry.

    If disturbed they can be heard barking behind closed doors 1/2 a block away.

  • Hope4Others

    Not me, I had a Big honking Aggressive German Shepard trained for the Rmcp given to me (He would have had you for dinner)


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    No. I'm a paranoid piece of crap. no 1914 for code. Bars on windows. Gun at bedpost. well lit outside. Steel frame doors.

  • jaguarbass

    Try this one. Go to a gated community and press 911. Youll probally get in.

  • Xena

    Funny thing, my daughter was about 6 when we left the dubs. I found out recently she uses 1914 as part of one of her passwords. She didn't know why she used it, it just popped into her head. I guess when you hear something over and over and over for the first 6 years of your life, eh?

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