Just found this website, Is it Real or Not??? LOL

by Velvetann 8 Replies latest jw friends

  • Velvetann

    Good Morning everyone, here is something funny though a bit distasteful as its full of racial slurs etc. Wow it exceeds the Watchtower crap. It refers to Armageddon LOL



  • blondie

    No it is just a parody.

  • AlmostAtheist

    It is very funny, but it is also satire. They are poking fun at the religious idiots that act so hateful out of their "love for Jesus". The "god hates fags" crowd and their ilk.

    Good find, lots of fun to be had on their site!


  • Velvetann

    Oh I know it was a Satire, just wanted to offer a laugh for the morning

  • WTWizard

    There is something wrong with religion if it incites people to hate each other because of presumed love for Jesus. Jesus never taught people to hate each other because of personality differences or because they are gay. He only hated those who forcibly kept people into religious or political systems that prevented them from fully integrating their knowledge.

    I wonder what Jesus would say if he were to attend a Grand Boasting Session, all three days. I bet he would storm the platform and correct about 99% of what is said on the platform. And, knowing what he did to the temple money changers, he would probably dump all the Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund money on the floor and announce that the deficit is totally bogus.

  • mrsjones5

    My favorite parody on the site is the one about tampons "Satan's Little Cotton Fingers!" http://www.landoverbaptist.org/news0999/cotton.html

  • dawg

    That leprechaun who's drunk... that me

  • jaguarbass

    It's a good Lampoon aimed more at the fundamentalist than Obama.

    Thats what Landover about Lampooning fundamentalist.

  • Currientology

    A quote from the site.... " * Do you think we are a parody? Perhaps you've heard that we are a joke, satire or parody, and you came to our site for a few cheap laughs or "lulz", only to find people taking everything seriously. So now you have decided to be the first to "spill the beans" and let everyone in on your "knowledge". Friend, this has been done so many times that it isn't funny any more. When an Atheist loses a debate to a fundamentalist Christian, it is a common tactic to accuse the Christian of being a parody. The Atheist is so full of pride, that he cannot imagine being outsmarted by a dumb God-Believer, so he thinks the Christian must be an Atheist like himself who is only pretending to be Christian. This is known as Tabor's Law. Our situation is not helped by the fact that there is some atheist satirist who does an impression of our Pastor Deacon Fred at atheist conventions. People hear about him and start rumors that they are the same person and that the real Landover Baptist Church is also just a joke. Some Atheists go so far as to vandalize our church's Wikipedia page to say that we are a satire. Here is a link to the version of the Landover Baptist Wikipedia article before the vandals got a hold of it." http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Landover_Baptist_Church&oldid=173411728

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