Issues That Made You ANGRY While You Were A Jehovah's Witness

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  • HSS1971

    What angered me the most was that once someone was df'd, they - including pioneers - talked about this person in obcene terms. They'd call them a fool and idiot and all kinds of names they would'nt utter in the kh. I observed that when they were in the KH, they were fool of love, compassion and mercy. Once outside of the KH, they were judgmental, haughty, and hypocritical.

    Also, those stupid UNscriptural bedroom laws. DO NOT tell me how I'm allowed to have sex with my wife.

  • stillajwexelder

    COs who ignored BOE feelings and did what they wanted - so one CO could overide a body of 9 elders - I knew then we were hierarchical like the Catholic Church

  • flipper

    MINIMUS- Don't feel too ashamed or berate yourself too much for having the responsibilities you did. You were just as much mind controlled as the rest of us, whether you were an elder, or like me a ministerial servant for awhile. Anybody can be a victim of " cult mind control". Issues that made me angry were the emphasis on power, control, and position- as opposed to having a good heart relationship with Jehovah.

    Like you my dad ( still an active elder after 53 years ) would ask me when I was younger, " Mr. Flipper , how is your standing in the congregation ? " Translation - how do you appear to others ? Instead of asking how my heart relationship with God was. So, the attitude of outward appearance being important - but not the inner person being good , really turned me off big time. Because of those politics it's one reason I didn't reach out for elder later - I didn't care how I looked to people in the congregation. I just tried to be decent for me. Peace out, Mr.Flipper

  • lancelink

    Raindogs comment of :
    1)Being told that the world was going to end so there was no sense in going to college. For years, even after leaving the Borg, I still had issues with getting an education.

    I really can connect with this one !
    Thats all I heard during and after HS, and for what ?????

  • MMae

    I am angry that when I took my two little children to the book study the stuffy elders told me to keep them quiet or not to come.

    This reminds me of one couple in our congregation. Their 2nd child was born with a severe disability. They never brought him to the Hall. Hired help cared for him at home while the family attended meetings. Their first child was pretty much a model JW child, so no one could really say anything bad about their parenting ability. But week after week, I would hear someone come up to them and nag and preach about when they would bring their other child to the meetings. I really admired them, because they answered matter-of-factly that the Kingdom Hall was not an appropriate place to bring their child. He would learn nothing from being present because of his disability, and would be unable to be quiet, so the mother would end up having to sit in the restroom with him for the entire meeting, and she would get nothing out of it, so there would be no point.

    This is a reversal of your situation. I think it illustrates the JW mindset to find fault. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

  • MMae

    It made me angry when abused women were glorified for putting up with it in the name of wifely submission and to God's glory!

    It made me angry when the family with six children were praised from the platform at the assembly because every one of their children gave their first talk at the age of 5. I knew what that was about, and it sickened me.

    It made me angry when they revealed the "New Light" that the "least of these, my brothers" was refering to the FDS, when it is so obvious that the leastone would be someone not likely to be easily recognized as a person valued by God. (This clearly didn't apply to any of the "annointed" - especially not members of the GB. Everyone knew how special to treat them.)

    It made me angry sick at my heart that when it was brought up out in FS that certain sister could really use some help around her house, and some encouragement, and could the group swing by and spend the last hour that morning ministering to her? that the "spiritually strong" elders wife reminded everyone that we "must each carry our own load" and 'give to the Lord what is consecrated to him.' I distinctly remember that nothing productive came out of our knocking on doors that last hour. But four sisters dropping by and doing an hour of housework would have done the needy sister a world of Good.


  • lancelink

    After reading raindogs comment I thought of this saying : Use what talent you possess: the woods would be very silent if no bird sang except those that sang best. I hear what your saying man,, I really do !!!

  • oompa

    I guess how bras are required and dress clothes are required.............oompa

  • minimus

    What pissed me off was how our PO would wait until the very last minute before cancelling a meeting due to horrible inclement weather. If people got into accidents because of sleet and snow and ice, at least they were still required to make that repetitious meeting.

  • MsBHaving

    I am angry because the Jehovah's Witness religion made me feel guilty about everything and robbed joy from my life and my family.

    OMG You just summarized my life and all that I am angry about. So many things! Angry that I brought my children up in that religion... Thank god we have all faded now. I have family that is still in but basically have been shunned by them all.

    I love my life now, no judgement I am just trying to be happy and live it to the fullest I can.

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