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  • lookingnow25

    My 25 year old sister just called me with some big news...her of the annointed as of last December.


    I'm having trouble processing this. With my recent return to fadedom and all, this is messing with my mind. My BIL is of [email protected]*#?!!

    I like the guy, he's alright, never liked him a lot, have known him a long time. I went to pioneer school with his brother, played basketball with my BIL for years...

    My family is already screwed up! What is this going to do to my mom and little sister?!?!

    I'll be back later, I need a drink.


  • hillbilly

    hahaha...dont be suprised. I figure (based on what is reported here at JWD) there will be lotsa new annointed.

    the perpetual 8000 may be the latest new light


  • journey-on

    LOL! LOL!

    I can't wait to see the new numbers after this year's Memorial. With the new light about the 144,000 not being

    sealed in 1935, there's going to be PANDEMONIUM~!!! Suddenly, everybody is going to start thinking that

    maybe, just maybe, they, too, are annointed. Boy! the WTBTS is going to have their hands full explaining these


  • lookingnow25

    I do see the humor in it, I really do. But please don't make too much light of the situation. My sister is borderline falling apart, I could hear it in her voice. I'm not sure that the next time I talk to my parents I'll be able to control my tongue, this could cause serious problems.

    Yes, it's funny that he has jumped on the annointed bandwagon, especially when my sister says "he can't explain or understand it, but he knows that it's right".

    But the serious side effects of this are as follows :
    1) My parents and him have a rocky relationship. When they were dating he called a meeting with my family to explain that according to the scriptures my sister was now "his", and that we should all keep that in mind and basically stay out of their business.

    2) My sister is slowing coming to the realization that she won't "live forever" with her husband, the man she loves.

    3) ...more to come, gotta go


  • Gopher

    What a soap opera this seems to be.

    I am trying to understand why this affects your mom so much. Do your parents interact a lot with your BIL? If not, couldn't she just leave it alone? I thought JW's were supposed to be quiet about a matter which is "between a person and Jehovah", like whether they're of the anointed.

    As far as your sister is concerned, she may be comforted by the verse that says Jehovah will satisfy the desire of every living thing at that time, and so she should "just leave the matter in Jehovah's hands" and try to enjoy life as it is now.

  • lookingnow25

    As far as my mom goes, she has never been one to leave anything alone. It's just her personality and all of us kids have kind of gotten used to it, and know how to work it. She is very emotional, very involved in her children's lives, and has always had her input.

    As far as my sister goes, I'm sure that scripture has been shared with her. HOWEVER, surely all of us here can understand the cognitive dissonance aspect of her situation. Jehovah will satisfy every desire, sure, ok, fine...It still sucks for her. I'm trying to find anything that I can honestly say to her that will comfort her without comprimising what I believe. I won't support his belief/conviction that he is of the "elite". There is no such thing as the "elite" (144,000).

    I'm feeling lost, I'm sorry that I can't convey what I'm feeling very well...

  • SPAZnik


  • dogisgod

    I feel really sorry for your sister. Maybe she should bail now and get a real life. He just sounds very narcissistic. What a bummer.

  • Thegoodgirl

    What dogisgood said.

    Sounds like a very selfish guy. Keep in mind, it is all made up. There are no "annointed." So when you look at it that way, what a creep. Just support your sister through this.

  • BFD

    In another 5 years or so they'll all be munching crackers and slurping wine. New light.


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