Watchtower 2008 dumb logic= "Belief in evolution makes you an orphan."

by Witness 007 41 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • gaiagirl

    Every single thing we have which has made our lives more comfortable, and every single thing the human race has learned to do, has come from some clever human, not handed down from God. Every single fabric which we weave to make clothing, every wood, metal, plastic or other material we learned to work these materials on our own. The housed we live in, the cars we ride in, the computers we communicate with, all are human products. The medicines which alleviate pains and in many cases save lives, and the good foods and beverages which we consume are all produced as a result of human knowledge and labor. If not for human inventiveness, we would all be wearing nothing, picking berries and nuts, and sleeping on the ground or in a tree. Most women would die in childbirth during their teens or 20's. Most men would be eaten by wild animals of the forest while foraging, or die from injuries which could not be healed. Almost no one would know their grandparents. Everything we have, we acquired on our own, with no help from "God".

  • veen

    A .pdf file of this would be really cool.

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