Watchtower 2008 dumb logic= "Belief in evolution makes you an orphan."

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    The organisation is our "mother" and Jehovah is our "Father" so leaving them both and accepting evolution would make you an orphan!!

  • mkr32208

    The basic stupid lying premise to this is; don't worry about the enviroment don't try to make things better GOD will fix everything... It's disgusting...

  • VoidEater

    Sirona, Gopher, Burn, Leo - you must be the brothers and sisters I never wll as everyone else on this thread, thanks, I needed that!

    Mankind would have no source of superior wisdom to consult- no one to help us solve our problems.

    Now that's a self-fulfillinf prophecy if I ever heard one.

    We would have to rely on human wisdom to avert enviromental disaster, to solve political conflicts, and to guide us through our personal crises. we are actually doing?

    Do these prospects bring you peace of mind?

    More peace of mind than trusting the amoral sycophants on the WTS.

    If not consider the alternative. Not only is it more appealing but it also makes more sense

    I suppose it is often appealing to pretend someone else will take care of things...

  • GoingGoingGone
    The basic stupid lying premise to this is; don't worry about the enviroment don't try to make things better GOD will fix everything...

    And it's more than premise, it's JW practice! How many JWs around the world are driving around in their gas-guzzling "service cars" every Saturday?

    How many are busy doing beach cleanups, or working in soup kitchens, or building houses for Habitat for Humanity?

    But the JWs will look down their noses at anyone not "out in service."


  • Fadeout

    Reminds me of Homer Simpson's campaign slogan when he was running for Sanitation Commissioner:

    "Can't someone else do it?"

    The really sad thing is how seriously Witnesses take this. The article basically admits that it is based on wishful thinking: 'wouldn't it suck to not have an invisible sky-daddy to make everything all better? Let's believe there is and we'll feel warm and fuzzy about it!'

    But the Witnesses base their lives on that... waste their lives on that. No personal development is done, no education, no yoga, no martial arts, no sports, no socialization with others who aren't similarly indoctrinated. No physical, mental, or emotional training beyond that necessary level to keep you functioning for the Society (even INGSOC had its citizens exercise a little every day).

    I've heard obese JWs make comments about how they don't really don't need to worry too much about their health because the new system is coming soon enough and Jehovah will fix them up.. as they eat another Twinkie.

  • bobld

    If man waited on God to solve problems we would be riding asses like his son.If God is all wisdom, all knowing why didn't he send his son to earth in 2000 on AIRFORCE ONE.When we have T.V. Internet,Cellphones,radio.Just think of the inpact it would of had on people.Look at the impact of T.V. of 9/11.Everyone in the world got that scene imprinted on their minds.Who in the world has a scene imprinted on their mind of a supposely 2nd most inportant person in the universe riding an ASS.NO wbts you are in the asses age.

  • SirNose586

    What an irresponsible, Pollyannish position to take.

    Well Jehober, it's time to get off your butt and start solving problems!

  • Scully

    I think we should start a campaign that demands the WTS demonstrate which of the world's problems have been solved by divine intervention over the past 2000 years.

    Did divine intervention ever end a war?

    Did divine intervention ever find a cure for any illness?

    Did divine intervention ever find a way to manage crime?

    Did divine intervention ever put a roof over someone's head or food in their bellies?

    Did divine intervention ever avert a massive tragedy or natural disaster?

  • R.Crusoe

    Whatever intellect above our own exists, if it does, has decided not to confront us and to leave us to our own reality! And speculation is rife amongst humanity to an extent that living according to it is proveably a highly likely delusion!

    So who is anyone to tell anyone how to live under threat of excommunication?

    That is the reality!

  • VoidEater

    Scully: Resonates with me!

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