Lets talk about Jesus!

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  • AlyMC

    "Soon I discovered that this rock thing was true. Jerry lee lewis was the devil. Jesus was an architect previous to his career as a prophet"

    Sorry... WRT Jesus, I'm not at all convinced Jesus was a literal existent being who wasn't inflated with time and storytelling.

    However, if you take the gospels out of the bible and focus on them- I can get into the message. The message he had was one I could support, I can't help but wonder why mainstream Christianity that claims to support him looks nothing like him as a whole. To much Paul, not enough Jesus.

    I could actually get into a religion that focussed on the gospels not as literal events, but as wisdom from ancient times in the form of myth and storytelling. Weren't the gnostics along that line?

  • veradico

    "Do you feel that Jesus can fufil His purpose in your life?" I don't really want someone else to use my life to fulfill his purpose. If his purpose happens also to be my purpose, I would be willing to work with him. However, I want to generate my own purposes and meanings in my life. If such things are imposed on me by anyone, even by God himself (presuming such an unlikely being exists), it would be a colossal joke to call my life MY life. There is no freedom where there is destiny and prophecy. I realize that the Christian message, at its best, is that God's purpose for me would not be an imposition on my nature but the true realization of the unique person I am. On a practical level, I don't see any institutionalized form of Christianity really embodying that notion; there is always a major concern with conformity and uniformity in order to self-define one's community against the "other." On an abstract level, I think the reason why the Christian notion is so appealing is that it's beautifully pure and idealistic. However, I ultimately don't believe in an ideal, permanent "self" whose purpose could be realized. We are all dynamic collections of properties. On the macro scale, it's appropriate to speak of a "self," but careful introspection (as Hinduism and Buddhism in particular teach us) reveals that on the micro level the "self" breaks down under analysis. Thus, at different times in my life there have been different "selves" with distinct purposes. I try to realize my purposes for my life as I go along. If any imperceptible beings who inhabit inaccessible realms of existence want to give me aid, they are welcome to do so, but I'm not going to waste my few precious years supplicating and serving them.

  • watson

    It was the Byrds.

  • R.Crusoe

    If Jesus came to me right now I would love a long chat about stuff!As far as old stories go (Bible etc.) I just read them as if they were fiction and think maybe some stuff really occured but I carry no doubts or guilt about putting the Bible on a shelf and never picking it up again! And it feels right to me!

    The life giver lets me choose what is personal to me and not what makes me feel guilty I should be forcing it down my own cerebral cortex!

  • JK666


    Welcome to JWD!

    Is it still The Byrds?


  • DJK
    DJK, here's a question: How is it possible for one and the same man both to have never existed and to have been the son of the town whore?

    Read the post again. I said I don't doubt he existed.

    I don't doubt a man named Jesus existed.
  • JK666


    I thought you were smitten.

    I forget, was it The Byrds or not?


  • LouBelle

    Hi real one - dude you are a sucker for punishement, but I think you like it.

    So tell me - what is Jesus purpose? and how does he fulfill it through us? I'd like to know, after which I'll comment.

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