Absurdity of a paradise !

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  • Frequent_Fader_Miles
    And, don't try telling me that Jehovah intends to control their numbers because that would only tamper with their species.

    Yeah, how dumb would that be? Removing an automatic system of control that already works, only to be burdened with doing it manually ....

  • Carmel

    Why is eating the fruits and nuts so admirable over eating the flesh of a bovine or arachnid? Seems the poor dam plants may not think too highly of a "paradise" that sees them as food!! Foodishness! carmel

  • LouBelle


    Have faith!!!!

  • Copernic

    What about the carnivorous plants ?

    What about the tapeworm ? The mosquito ?

    All of them where made by Satan or Jéhovah ? And how to decide who made them ?

    Could we laught ? Because laughing start when we see or listen some illogical things ! But everything is logic in the paradise. So, no more laugh !

    I'm writing a FAQ of all the absurdity of an eternal life ? Do you have others ideas ?


  • cab1000

    These are solid reasons for not expecting a paradise. However, when I was a believer, I would have thought of all this and I would have KNOWN that Jah would take care of the details. I would have thought of the Israelites, and the way Jah took care of them, and how they complained about the "impossible". Then I would feel all superior that I would be there, and you would not.

    But, I know better now. Nice dream though.

  • Spook

    All good comments. The entire decision making process and all value of any action are based on a presupposition that time is limited. It would be impossible to assign value to any decision if you could always eventually do everything. Luckily, the celestial tyrant would lovingly take care of us by always telling us exactly what to do all the time.

    Does anybody know if JW's are still talking about the "final test" after their 1000 year kingdom? This always struck me as absurd to the highest degree. When will the testing end? It seems to me unavoidable under their ideas that people would eventually sin again and again. Not only that, but surely some accidental things would happen. Moral perfection doesn't negate random unforseeable events such as tripping or dropping something. Will Jehovah and his angels forever intervene in minute complex events? This is a babyish and boring attempt to validate the ultimate pipe dream.

    Furthermore, never has it been addressed how the mechanism of original sin would be reversed.

    White noise. That's all you get from them.

    Ask your JW friends "As you shovel dirt into mass graves of dead burnt babies, will you be singing Kingdom songs? When you burn the books and diaries and last fearful messages of the dead will you think of the Nazis destroying forbidden literature? Or, will you know in the back of your mind that you are in for a long haul under the unblinking eye of an endless dictatorship where your every thought and every waking moment is under total scrutiny and control. And you MUST above all things love him."

    If either of them existed, Satan was right. Jehovah is not qualified to rule.

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