did anyone leave town to get away from the jw experiance ?

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  • looloo

    im so desperate to leave here to start afresh , i bet i move next door to some jws

  • ninja


  • Cc81

    i originally moved about a hour away from my hometown.. it worked wonders. i strongly recommend it. Now i live in a completely different state. its a new start

  • crazyblondeb

    I left the state, and it was just what I needed!!

    A chance to start over where no one else knows you!!


  • SacrificialLoon

    About 1200 miles.

  • AlyMC

    I did move to NY for awhile after leaving... it was a really positive change of scenery for me when I was adjusting.

  • WTWizard

    I only had to move across a congregation border. Now, technically I belong to one congregation but never transferred ownership papers there. That confused the hounders enough so they couldn't figure out whose job it was to harass me. Then I started skipping all the meetings. The only drawback is that the witlesses still get around, and every so often I run into one of those cockroach witlesses.

  • Crystal1982

    I've moved to 2 different towns after disassociating myself. It really helps alittle, but not much. JW's are always there. When I moved to the 1st town, I ended up working with a JW, I felt sorry for him. He asked me one day " Do you mind me asking you why I see you on the internet researching Jehovah's Witnesses so much?" I told him " Yes, I used to be one until May 2007" then he asked " Were you ever babtized?" I said " Yes, and my dad was an elder, and my whole immed. family are still JW's." I continued " I've found God now, and now I am finding support, and researching the religion to help me heal." He never said anything after that. But I thought it was pretty funny how quiet he was about being a JW at work. Kinda reminded me of myself in the former years. Wanting to fit in and be liked, but always knowing how different you are. Kinda wanting to hide it.

    Then I moved to another town, a larger one, and my boyfriend works with a guy whose wife just converted to JW. I supply him with plenty of

    "JW information" :) And he takes it home to show his wife. Now I want to help these people in any way I can to see the truth.

    Then in my apartments, across the hall, are some JW's, we see them leave for the meetings all the time.

    So you see, you can never really get away from JW's. But, when you meet them, you can try your best to help them, and show them the real truth. And help them to know God for who he really is.

  • Atpeaceatlast

    Yes, I did, back in 1988. I grew up in NW Indiana, got involved with JWs when I was 13, and decided after several upleasant experiences with them, moved to Florida to get away from the hounding. It was scary moving to a new place where no one knew you, but it was the only way to clear the fog out of my head, take a step back and see what a bizarro situation it all was. I felt finally at peace to leave them behind and move on with my life, even though I still have the constant urge to live my life with "my bags packed." I live in PA now, which again, the need to be a stranger in another place still gives me comfort.

  • journey-on

    I moved away, but not for the specific reason of getting away from the JW experience.

    But, then what did I foolishly do the first time they knocked on my door? Yep, I let the

    cat out of the bag that I used to be a witness and we spent the next 30 min. talking about

    people we mutually know. Now they come around every few weeks and continue to "encourage"

    me......argh. I should have kept my mouth shut.

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